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Summer is ending, vacation is over, it's time to vote!

Below will be grouped the entries for the 2021 edition of the Minifig Journey. Some participants chose to provide only one photograph out of the two allowed. A quick reminder about the public voting process:

Each voter has 6 points distributed among 3 photographs. Voters shall distribute the points as follows:
3 points -> First place;
2 pts-> Second place;
1 point -> Third place

To vote, just leave a message in the thread specifying: the number of the photo or its title and its top 3.
(example : - first place: #1 ; - second place: the gangster's ballad - third place, the picture 2; and so on...)

Participants are allowed to vote. The only constraint is not to vote for oneself (question of fair play ^^)

The points awarded will be totalled to obtain a ranking. The first five places will receive a small gift

For the members who would have an extremely slow flow: the photos have been grouped in each spoiler by pack of 10.

The number and the illustration text of the anonymized photograph is located below

#1 à #10

#11 à #20

#21 à #30

#31 à #40

To prevent a voter from confusing a photograph, it has been chosen to supplement the anonymity number with a short text illustration. This text should not be considered in your criteria for judging the best photos. Your vote should be solely on the photo and nothing else.
Some participants were warned about this addition. They have chosen their own illustration text. For the others, the staff has filled in this gap. Many thanks to @Bros with da Legos for suggesting this improvement. The addition of the illustration text will be officially added to the rules for the next edition in 2022.

Voting is open until the evening of September the 19th.

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First #28
Second #15
Third# 33

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First Place: #33- The Ronin's journey
Second Place: #28 - The crossing to Fabuland
Third Place: #19 - Surf like a pro

Some amazing entries guys!! My picks are
1st: #28 - The Crossing to Fabuland
2nd: #6 - Ronan in Ambush
3rd: #13 - Nice View on the Coast

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Trying to vote for some good ones that haven't been chosen yet.

1st: #36 - Evening suit
2nd: #18 - The adventure of the white ninja
3rd: #2 - The crocodile harbor

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A difficult choice

1st: #28 - The crossing to Fabuland
2nd: #35 - Motorcycle, cat and money
3rd: #3 - The Red Massacre

1st: #28- The Crossing To Fabuland
2nd: #32- Crash On An Unknown Planet
3rd: #35- Motorcycle, Cat, and Money

All so awesome! Here my favourites:

1st: #28- The Crossing To Fabuland
2nd: #20 - The biggest strawberry
3rd: #15 - The end of the land

1st: #5 - Surf of foam
2nd: #12 - Marshmallow
3rd: #2 - The crocodile harbor

1st: 33
2nd: 26
3rd: 28


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