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yo bois and gals,

I'm currently looking for four voice actors.

Mandalorian: Closed
Bounty Hunter 1: Closed
Bounty Hunter 2: Closed
Alien: Closed
Shockwave Trooper: Closed

- Requirements for the roles -

Mandalorian's voice is pretty open.
Bounty Hunter 1's voice needs to be squeaky. (To make it more humourous.)
Bounty Hunter 2's voice doesn't have any requirements.
Alien's voice doesn't actually need any dialogue, just some "alien language." (I need you to make weird sounds.)
Shockwave Trooper must be female. (Only one line btw.)

- Contact -

To send an audition, you can contact me via Discord (minideliciouspant#4453)
I will let you know asap if you're in, just so you all know, I will credit your channel in my description.

Thanks, mini.

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