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Now that August has started, the vote for the best brickfilm of July is opened!

A lot of great films this month! To vote, just comment your favourite of them on this thread.

MY TIME AGAIN: A Very Musical Short --4K | 8x8x8 challenge
@GUATEMAX Animations
short musical film for the 8x8x8 2020 challenge! fully complete now!

LEGO - You're a Wizard Harry
Recreation of the iconic scene from "Harry potter and the sorcerers stone” I don't own the audio or any characters.

The Thanos Dance (Lego Animation Meme)
Look out for this video on Quarantine Daze this weekend! Audio from #QuarantineDaze #Lego #Meme

Made my day
Sometimes a small compliment can make your day. made for the BfD-Animation contest. Round 2 Theme: Delight

Pedro and The Door
And so after many a journey Pedro has completed his adventure. He is truly a man of the ages who has done it all! Very Special Thank you to Wammy: Song is "This Is the Place" by Kansas City Express

Mama Mia! | A Pizza Extravaganza Lego Brickfilm
Chef Guido is met with a daunting task. Having to cook a pizza for the picky food critic, the sake of his restaurant is on the line. Does Guido pass the bar, or in this case, the slice? Made entirely

Big Red Button (BFD Contest Round 2)
@JO Co
A curious henchman is drawn in by a big red button in an empty control room... Made in 72 hours for the second stage of the Brick Film Day summer contest 2020 with the theme 'delight'. Entries are jud

Mount Hostility (BFD Contest Round 1)
@JO Co
Put together very rapidly (around 7 hours) for the first stage of the Brick Film Day summer contest 2020. Entries are judged purely on animation, in this case under the theme 'hostility'. The full pla

Lego Ping Pong (Stop Motion)
You don't need a racket to play PING PONG. Watch this funny Lego Ping Pong Stop Motion to see why SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE for more! Thank you! More from BrickHario: Timo Boll VS Ma Long: The Box Of

@Brickston Studios
This was for a contest I entered in but I also decided to post it on here. Someone named Brickston studio was scrolling on YouTube until he found a LEGO contest so he wanted to enter something in but

Lego Agent of Yesterday
@Jordys Bricks
Hey guys here is my new Lego film - Agent of Yesterday! This brickfilm involves a secret agent who has the ability to time travel! Agent Alex must stop a bomber before time runs out! Thanks to my frie

A Real Titanium Boy - Lego Music Video
Zane wants to be a real lad. Made for the Quarantine Daze put together by MindGame Studios This is a longer version then the one in the QD because I didn't finish the full video in time. Whoops... M

Bricks in the Bible contest update
Hey guys, i’m super excited about our upcoming Contest Bricks in the Bible. But I need 50 subscribers to host it so I need you guys to go share the word say hey there’s a stop motion contest going on,

X Fighters! S3 "Chaos Shadows" Episode 2 - New Ally
Following a dreadful lead, Team X departs, leaving Team Shinobi alone once again. However, now joining the team is Lucas, who struggles to find purpose in his life, powerless in combat and lacking con

"Super"hero Archenemys
Made for the Brickfilmday Animation contest. It is quite absurd I have to admit... But hey! Treeman call to action!!!

Happy Birthday from Star Wars
A video I Just made for my friends birthday. It was my first real test with lightsaber effects as well. Happy birthday Isaac. Enjoy, and possibly subscribe if you want to see more awesome lightsaber s

Ancient Antique Auctioneers
@JO Co
Tune in tonight as Johnny Thunder attempts to auction off loot from past adventures. Retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be... Originally made as a short for Mindgame Studios' Quarantine Daze. Thi

Stop Motion speed build- 75968 Harry Potter
15 Fps and over 2500 pictures i did this because i wanted to, and i find it quiet skill tuning. i did some mistakes, but also learned a lot, i want to do it again.

Bob & Joe’s Fun Afternoon(8x8x8 entry)
Bob and Joe are two old guys. They are just sitting on their favorite bench telling stupid jokes. This is my entry for Brick a Brack’s 8x8x8 ninth edition contest. God Bless. Enjoy

The Button - 8x8x8 contest entry
@Bros with da Legos
Dave finds a button that can change his identity. Will he turn back into himself, or be stuck pushing the button forever? A Lego animation made for the 9th edition of the 8x8x8 contest on brick-a-brac

LEGO Stargate Atlantis: Steve The Wraith
This is my second LEGO Stargate Atlantis stop motion movie. It features the Wraith known as Steve and John Sheppard in the depths of Atlantis in the prison cell. If you enjoyed this video you might e

The Planet Preserver
A man goes to preserve a planet.

@2x4 Productions
Scrap the robot fell down a trash chute, and must now protect a sacred flower from the dangers of the waugies. The music

Talen’s birthday card
A video I made for my older brothers birthday Made May 12th

A Nice Day In the Park
One of my very first stop motions ever✌️.

The train of Christmas | LEGO stop motion
A little Christmas video still one of my first stop motion videos

Millennial Workout Commercial | LEGO stop motion
A funny little video picking on lazy millennials. This video is not intended to make fun of people, so don’t take it that way. If you do I’m sorry. My older siblings are millennials.

(DJ) BCStrike’s Big Concert | LEGO stop motion
My dream of what my first DJ concert will be like. Awesome trap drums and sweet lights.

Happy Fathers Day
Happy Father’s Day. God bless all the dads who work hard to provide for their family. Watch behind the scenes video

Give me freedom or give me death (Brawl 2020)
My entry for the Brawl 2020 one week contest held by Bricks in motion. Was fun, stressful, but more so fun. God bless please enjoy. Fight for freedom. How to build Abraham Lincoln’s chair @ How to bui

Medicine - (Lego Animation)
A man finds himself in a hospital trying to cope with his situation. ~Dedicated to Sarah~ An entry for Brack-a-Brack's 8x8x8 contest! Like and Subscribe👍 Make sure to connect with me on: 📷Instagram -

Agent Bossman - Entry for the Contest 8x8x8
@Andrew Maysees
This is my entry for Brick-à-Brack brickfilming contest. Enjoy!

buy eight
@Hudson Ludy
he bought eight

The Prisoner
This brickfilm was made for Brick-a-Brack's nineth edition of the 8x8x8 filming challenge. All of the audio in this video comes from or my own mouth (sorry sometimes the voices aren't ver

Beware the Remote! (A Brickfilm)
The title says it all. Made for Brick-à-Brack's 8x8x8 competition: Music used: -- Kevin MacLeod ( Hitman Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License --Jason Shaw --

Lego Factory Office 8x8x8 Contest 2020
A person in his office. Machines do nearly everything for him. How will he handle the situation? Does he have any power still? Created for the 8x8x8-Contest, where everything should take place on just

Napoleon Dynamite dance scene IN LEGO
song: Made for Brick-A-Brack's 8x8x8 contest: #8x8x8 #napoleondynamite #brickfilm #lego #pedro #deb #kip #unclerico #voteforpedro #recreation

Mindestabstand (8x8x8 contest)
A short brick film about the minimum distance. Made for the 8x8x8 contest 2020 by Brick-a-brack. Ein kurzer Brickfilm über Mindestabstand. Gemacht für den 8x8x8 contest 2020 von Brick-a-brack.

The Great Steinerei 2020 Unboxing - Best Cinematography
L.A.M.P.E. 3 won best cinematography at the Steinerei 2020 brickfilm festival. This is a special unboxing of literally a real brick that weighs 4 kilograms.

Animation Tests
@Future Past Productions
I'm back lol. Special thanks to J.E.T. Productions for doing the sound effects in the 2 lightsaber clips and the visual effects for the first one: So yeah... seems like I'm back. I know I made that b

Lego Preservatives in a Can Infomercial - #BRAWL2020 entry
@Bros with da Legos
This new product can preserve your food! Just don't eat that food. A Lego animation made in under one week for BRAWL 2020. We didn't have time to add music or color correction, but we hope you'll like

35 Years Super Mario Brickfilm 4K
For the 35th anniversary of Super Mario, Oli-AG has turned a small and fine anniversary for the red plumber and his friends! I know Super Mario very well since the TV series and also played my first g

Legostein (Music Video)
Annotation: The text of the song is not for Glorification of violence, but should the problems of every LEGO builder pull through the cocoa. The song is for all those who are careless when building we

Of Blockheads Mobsters & Pharaohs
@Nick Douglas
What do blockheads, mobsters and pharaohs have in common? Watch to find out. My entry to BRAWL 2020. The theme was Preservation. The mod elements were a blue brick touching a green brick or the lette

Rapunzel - 8x8x8 Edition
Knight Fips is eager to get to Rapunzel. But there is something in his way...

Lego Batman Summer Vacation 🌴 Shark Attack
@brick fun park
Batman after a difficult year is taking a break. He is on summer vacation and he is enjoying diving, playing beach volleyball and windsurfing. Suddenly a shark appears and terrifies everyone, but not

LEGO Stargate Atlantis: Ronon’s Gun
This is my first LEGO Stargate Atlantis stop motion movie. It features Ronon Dex and John Sheppard in the gun range from Season 2. Sheppard is showing Ronon the fire power at their disposal. For more

City of Kings (Failed BRAWL 2020)
@Brick Block Animations
Well here is something. I entered BRAWL again this year. This is the film. Special thank you to the voice actors: Jay Silver: dewfilms: LOTW Studios:

This month I vote for MY TIME AGAIN: A Very Musical Short --4K | 8x8x8 challenge by @GUATEMAX Animations!

This month, I vote for Pedro and The Door by Blandeer!


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