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PaceStudios is the stop-motion animation studio for brickfilms (lego animations) made by John Pace in 2008.
Our slogan is: Brickfilms Done Right. What this means, is we value quality, over quantity.
I create a varied array of videos with comedy, action, and adventure.
I value quality of over quantity, and ensure each of my videos are quality driven. Due to this I can be absent for extended periods of time as I work on projects. So make sure to subscribe so you can see my new videos as soon as they're released.

Follow me on my instagram @PaceStudios.official for BTS videos and updates!

Camera: Nikon D 3100 and Canon T1i Rebel
Lens: Helio 44-3M, 55M
Microphone: C-Media-U8
Editing Program: Hitfilms Express and Blender
Visual Effects: Blender
FPS: 15

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