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Hey there,
I would like to add some of my older brickfilms and tests to my brickfilm library. Is it possible to define the production year of an uploaded film.

Or is there any other way to define the years of added brickfilms?

Why I want to add old films: Other guys of the forum should be able to see an overview of my filmography.

Hi AnyBrick,

Of course it is possible to classify your brickfilms according to their date. The functionality is automated according to the date of upload on Youtube. If the date doesn't appear immediately, you'll have to wait a few hours. The system is updated regularly.
In case it is a very old brickfilm created before the appearance of YT (extremely rare case), you'll have to tell me so that I can fix it behind the scenes.

Hello Max,

now I have waited a few days, but when I check my brickfilms they are all grouped at 2020. I am wondering, why, because all of them are uploaded to YT.
Do I have to give you a complete list of all films and publishing date? Or do I just need to delete all temporary files of my browser like cookies, etc.?

I'll check it out tonight. I forgot to uncheck a box. Silly me. ^^

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