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Ok, so there's this guy for whom I've done a few soundtracks and he keeps improving in his story telling technique and his animations are outstanding. He's been working on a series his about to end soon called Planet Qutari. At first, it was supposed to be a 3 parter, but he expanded it by working on a prequel called: Marines. There are 3 parts at this marines series where we follow some soldiers into battles, war strategies and all of that to make them go from marines to ODSTs. That leads us to Harvest. One hell of an animation 16min long compared to the other videos from the series that durates about 6 to 10min. It was a welcome change since we get more information on the characters, we start liking them a lot. Not that long ago he made part 3 which was 20min long and that's not it. He had to cut the script in half and make the other half for a 4th part because he had storage issues! That 20min of animation is the best I've seen of my life, the camera angles, the revelations, the action... For me it's a masterpiece and just for that it's worth watching all the previous one. I've made a playlist of the series in chronological order with one more extra because I've done the soundtrack it's called: 2525 you can skip it if you just want to get to the epic series I've been talking about for paragraphs. Enjoy!


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