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Yeeha!!! Y'all know the git up. But do you know how to dance it? It would be easier if I just showed Lego! This is certainly a rather large project that I am taking on, but since this quarantine is keeping me at home, I figured that I should make something that would be really cool. The thing is, with this video, Minifigure are rather hard to make them dance in stop motion. So I am going to remove their limbs at times and attach them with clay in order to make it look like they are actually dancing! I want to do the whole song, which is just over 3 minutes. This isn't going to be easy, but I wil just take it frame by frame....literally! As I begin to film, I will continue to bring updates, and hopefully some behind the scenes shots/videos as well.

Until the next post, this is Zach Studios signing off.


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