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Hi everyone,
I need a voice actor for my Star Wars brickfilm series, called Star Wars: The Silverbird.

The project is still in pre-production, but I need the actors first so I can base on their interpretation.

- Good microphone;
- Must be willing to do lots of lines since the episodes are long (you have the whole time you need);

A few words about the character:
His name is Buk "Bucky" Yenderz, he is the captain of the main crew. He's a 35-year-old human male.

Info for the voice:
- Must sound very determined;
- Mature;
- He has a quick temper, so he's often very angry;
- He's very serious;
- Sometimes, though, he must sound emotional;
- optional: slight Scottish/Irish accent;

If you're interested, email me: tomnowypictures@gmail.com

Here are a few words about the series: the first season is made of 12 episodes, each of these will last about 15 or even 20 minutes. It's very serious, I want to make something that may actually appear a TV series. The story takes place 13 years before Star Wars: A New Hope. The protagonists are a crew, made of outlaws, thugs, fugitives... The main character is Cassandra Drovah.
For more information, you can check my Instagram page (tomnowypictures) or send an email (tomnowypictures@gmail.com).


Tom, from Tom Nowy Pictures

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