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Hey guys!
A month ago today, I started working on a Space brickfilm. It will be rather long, approx. half an hour, and I expect it will be done near the end of this year.
I don’t want to reveal a lot of the plot yet, but here’s a little snippet of animation that I’m quite proud of.
I’ll keep you updated on the status of this film as time goes on.

Ah nice! Looks good.

UPDATE: April 13th 2020
It’s been a while but this is still very much being worked on. I’ve finished what is more or less act one (minus a few complex shots I plan to come back to later)
I’ve spent some time making a new set for a barren, alien planet. Also learned about three point lighting, which made me feel like a total idiot for missing out on something so essential. I figured, new setting is the perfect time to start doing the lighting correctly. Here is a BTS shot of my new set w/ lighting setup:

Also as far as pre-production goes, I decided that storyboards were really not my thing, so I planned out the rest of the film in a detailed written format. At first I thought the format was not well suited to planning a dialogue-free film, but I found I can convey my vision more accurately with words than with my scribbles. I’m keeping the storyboards I have tho, they’re useful for filling in gaps in the project file.
So anyway, that’s how progress has been going. Judging by what I have so far relative to the amount of the story it covers, the film is on pace to be probably 15-20 minutes.
See you next update.
Tomorrow I’ll send a picture showing how this setup looks in-camera

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Well, I promised I'd show what the set looked like in-Camera, so here it is:

I'm happy with how this shot turned out, the little wobble on the bounce was unintentional, but as Bob Ross would put it, a "happy accident"
Of course I'll need to do some masking before this makes it to the final cut...

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Man that looks really good.

Your animation is getting so much smoother Awesomepants.


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