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Its time to vote for the best brickfilm of the month!

here's the list of 2019 November's brickfilms! Only vote for 1. Don't vote for your own.

The Creation Story In Lego
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
Well I haven't officially announced it yet but I'm making a religious brickfilm website, so here is the first christian brickfilm I've done! For the first video I figured I'd start at the beginning. M

House of Terror
A monster hunter sees herself in front of her own house, posessed by something mighty... Created for the Brick a Brack scary contest.

LEGO Halloween Kills
An unsuspecting demolitions worker arrives at the infamous Myers House. Made for Brick a Brack's #ScaryContest by Arginnon and Lady Arginnon Sound effects from and by users

Lego Parkour | Brickfilm
Hi everyone, today I share one of my brickfilms that I realized in the parkour theme!

Moto | Short Brickfilm
Un motard "fou" conduit après avoir légèrement bu...

"He-Man's Super Punch" | a stop motion animated short film | Mega Construx LEGO
Created for 's 10 Second Video Constest. Music and Sound FX: A stop motion animated brickfilm made with Mega Construx mini figures and LEGO bricks. LEGO stop motion animated brick

Improbox #08 - Space Shuttle Explorer
A new satellite is being put into space via Shuttle.... Or is it? This is part of the Brickfilmday Sci-Fi-Event. And also this is another Episode of my Improbox series, where I only use one Lego-Set t

Lego Big Guy
Lego Stop motion Minifigure 3d printed

Lego stop motion DARTH VADER Haircut Barber

LEGO Island: A Twist in Time
@Hudson Ludy
Pepper Roni, the LEGO Island pizza delivery boy is commissioned a pepperoni pizza with one chili delivery to The Brickster, the conniving, no good bad guy of the island. In an unfortunate chain of eve

LEGO Star Wars The Mandalorian Official Trailer - Side by side
Watch the side by side version of Star Wars The Mandalorian trailer with our LEGO recreation! See the full LEGO version here: or the original trailer: #Mandalorian #LEGO #brickfilm CREDITS: Animation

Itchy & Scratchy
Scratchy gets unlucky three times in a row!

Die Geisterjäger - ScaryContest
Cora did "very well" in her last expedition for hunting ghosts... And now she is returning to the lab with a very pleasant suprise!

Stay The Night - Unavailable
Stay The Night By: Unavailable 2019 Patchwork Productions Filmed, Directed, Edited by: Samuel Futhey

Lego Monster 🧪 The Experiment
@brick fun park
The crazy scientist finally creates his beloved monster which he names "Frankie". He continues his experiments but strange things happens...

"He-Man vs Rubik's Cube" | a stop motion animation short film | Mega Construx | LEGO
He-Man may be the most powerful man in the universe, but can does he have the wits to take on a Rubik's Cube? A stop motion animated short film made with Mega Construx, LEGO bricks, and, of course, a

Hollywood Sucks 2 Director's Cut
@Funmi productions
A satirical look at Hollywood and its relationship with women and problematic men with power.

JOKER Stairs Dancing
The scene where Arthur Fleck dances on the stairs he struggled with for so long.

Pizza Monster vs Ghostbusters Pt 3 - Lego Stop Motion Animation
@AMC - Brickfilms
Part 3 is finally here! Parts 1, 2 and 3 have been our first lego stop motion animations and each part has been an opportunity to try things out and learn new things. Part 1 was about learning about t

Out of Service
The new LEGO stop motion brickfilm by hirschundelch. A woman in a wheelchair tries to get on the bus because she has an important appointment. However, this undertaking seems to be more difficult than

The Battle of Mygeeto LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion clip
@Blackbird William
Hey everyone ! Here's the Battle Of Mygeeto from my serie Before Dark Times This video is a compilation of the battle scenes from Star Wars Before the Dark Times Mygeeto campaign check the link if yo

Phoenix Episode 6: The Wrong Man
@Aneli Defanif
A shadow has come into the lives of our heroes... will it end in tragedy?

Harold Sends His Regards
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
Just another "Greetings From Pablo" rip off.

The Brick Mirage: 4
The fourth episode in The Brick Mirage series is finally here! Hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for future brickfilms! =D Instagram: minideliciouspant #minideliciouspant #lego #brickfilm

Pedro is Bested by the Spinster's Fiendish Lover
Oh Pedro, how i desire thou art healthy! Having been did beat with such brutish f'rce. Thanks Wammy:

LEGO HEAD BALL/ Brickfilm/ Die Landjäger Kürzestfilmfestspiele
Don't ever play football with your head, better buy a football! I made this brickfilm for the ''Die Landjäger Kürzestfilmfestspiele ''. It had to be less than 12 seconds long.

Movie LEGO Duplo Jurassic World T-rex Dinosaur. ЛЕГО Дупло динозавр Ти-Рекс. Парк юрского периода.
@Bricks Toys TV
Movie LEGO Duplo Jurassic World T-rex Dinosaur. ЛЕГО Дупло динозавр Ти-Рекс. Парк юрского периода. Строим из Lego Duplo. 😊 Subscribe 😊 подпишись «Bricks Toys TV»: Other Videos in Series Toys animatio

Awake - Created for The LEGO Group
A film about Mickey Mouse encountering a sea monster, created to promote the Steamboat Willie set at the LEGO youtube channel. This version is slightly differently cut, leaving out some shots and maki

Star Wars Eclipse I: Shadow Above Kuat
The first chapter of the Lego Star Wars Fanfilm "Eclipse". The New Republic is 28 years old. But nobody knows, what the remains of the empire have done all these years in the Unknown Regions. The form

An Odious Cough
The not so Halloween special, as a tribute to the classic *A Gastly Dinner* from 3 years ago. Thanks to power outages, could not be uploaded yesterday.

Dark Times LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion Trailer
@Blackbird William
Happy Halloween everyone ! We have excedeed 3100 subscribers that's amazing thanks to everybody for supporting my work ! Today here's the final trailer of my new serie that is going to be released o

Phoenix Episode 1
@Aneli Defanif
So it begins!!

Dreams #1
@Aneli Defanif
An entry to Brick a Brak Summer Contest. It is an animation on the reflection of things we fear in our minds.

Phoenix Episode 3
@Aneli Defanif
Avi and Akira find new friends. Akira's power begin to do strange things. Could it be that he is not what he thinks he is?

LEGO Simple Duel
This was made for week 6 of the #SummerContest2018 on Brick á Brack.

Gotta go with Lego Island: A Twist In Time by Hudson

Out of Service by @hirschundelch

I vote for House of Terror by @Yetgo

I vote for Stay The Night - Unavailable by @Locker_74_Productions

I vote Lego Monster @brick fun park

It was close but I voted for House of Terror by @Yetgo. I also loved Out of Service.

Gotta go with Lego Island: A Twist In Time by Hudson

i vote for Stay the Night by @Locker_74_Productions


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