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I need voice actors for four characters for an upcoming film.

Total lines: 4
Test line: "Just make sure they don’t take out the Wi-Fi or you’ll hear from me."

Total lines: 3
Type of voice: Crazed
Test line: "But what about my cheese flavored alarm clocks?"

Random person
Total lines: 5
Type of voice: Tenor and slightly crazed
Test line: "Oh boy I wonder what the Clause that is Santa gave me!"

Total lines: 2
Type of voice: Give anything a try as long as it sounds like an adult
Test line: “Fortnite has been banned in the 🤔 realm. Aka your house. Also there's no Wi-Fi.”
Note: Don't worry about saying "🤔". I'll add a sound for it.

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I could do a voice if you need it.
I can do guy voices, and if you need it I could do the wizard in an old guy voice.

If it would be easier I could change him to a witch. Pretty flexible with this project.

Ok I can do a witch

Have a sample of your voice acting?


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