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The Wizard is a brickfilm I made one time that was originally just going to be a short 2 minutes test of some new VFX and techniques. It ended up being expanded into a 9 minute fantasy film (although without much of a storyline). After about 6 months animating on and off we finished it. It was obviously in need of a sequel as it had a cliffhanger ending and still no story developed at all. And so we decided to expand it into a trilogy! Part two is in the works: The Wizard Trilogy is a series of films that I'm working on. Its the story of a few villagers: Jeff, Quintyth , Kora, and Qui-moe; who find themselves in the middle of a dangerous conflict between two wizards: Tirnocolus, and Sessamorp. This is a bigger project than I have ever done so it will take quite a while. Part two will most likely be done in Fall/Winter 2019. This Thread is for anyone who wants to follow the project or give advice or whatever. Regular updates and BTS on TWP2 will be shared on this thread. I hope ya people are excited!

I'm experimenting with natural elements in this brickfilm.

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We're making our own soundtrack for Twp2 using GarageBand. It ain't Howard Shore but it's something:

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