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Another month is over, another voting begins about what is the brickfilm of the month may!

LEGO Overwatch: Escort the Payload (Part 2)
Life and Death balance on my blade! The series continues with the introduction of Hanzo and Genji! Talon is preparing to build a weapon of mass destruction, and the heroes need to re-calculate their p

Wieght Lifting Contest | Animation Challenge
This was made for a animation challenge. I hope you enjoy! Please like, subscribe, and share! Credits: "Dropping, Metal Pin on Wood, C.wav" "Destruction, Wooden, A.wav" by InspectorJ (

Lego Web of Spider Man: The Shocker
I did literally everything in this video. There. There are the credits for you.

Toys V LEGOs (2014) | YummyBurrito Archive
@Hudson Ludy
Back in the splendid year of 2014, young Hudson Ludy, his sister, and a friend formulated the masterpiece which is "Toys V LEGOs", an epic action-adventure film with Sully from Monsters Inc, a spacema

LEGO Avengers Endgame Final Battle
The last episode to my avengers series is here! After a “month” of working on it (2 weeks if you actually count the days I worked on it) Avengers Endgame is definitely my favorite superhero film. My n

"Red Planet" | LEGO
Intergalactic border dispute. A LEGO stopmotion animation brickfilm.

Lego Duplo The Seasons spring, summer, autumn, winter. Лего Дупло Времена года. Строим из Lego Duplo
@Bricks Toys TV
Lego Duplo The Seasons spring, summer, autumn, winter. Лего Дупло Времена года. Строим из Lego Duplo. 😊 Subscribe 😊 подпишись «Bricks Toys TV»: 🎬 Video for kids, Lego Duplo The Seasons: spring, summe

Star Wars Collapse
The galactic civil war is almost over. After the battle of Endor the Galactic Empire is weak. Under the military leadershipt of Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax, the Empire has to withstands the attacks of t

LEGO Aladdin Trailer Parody
As much as I like Live Action Movies, I do tend to think Disney is out of ideas. Hopefully they come around and find new ideas. Anyways, here is a trailer parody to Disney's Aladdin! All music and ch

LEGO Lord Of The Rings: The last debate
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
CERTAINTY OF DEATH? SMALL CHANCE OF SUCCESS? A Lord Of the Rings Parody. Hope you guys like it because there will probably be a lot more Lord Of The Rings brickfilms in the future.

Avengers Endgame: Assault on Thanos (Beginning Scene)
SPOILERS AHEAD!! (For Avengers Endgame) While Thanos was on his first week of being a farmer, he gets assaulted by the Avengers. Loses his arm, and then brutally, loses his head! Thanks for watching!

'Infinite Loop' | Brick à Brack Challenge
This is for Brick à Brack's "Carrying a weigh" challenge, what we had to do is make a minifigure carry a weight, in any way we can imagine, so this is my entry! Twitter: Ethan@minideliciouspant Insta

Avengers Endgame: Final Battle
The following CONTAINS SPOILERS!! (for Avengers Endgame) This is the final battle a little shortened from Avengers: Endgame, continuing from my last brickfilm 'Hulk Vs Thanos' Captain America picks up

carrying a weight Brick a Brack challenge
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
I wasn't planning on doing this challenge...but I got bored so I animated this.

Duel Above the Chasm - Lego Medieval Battle
A Knight and a Skeleton fight above the abyss in a dark cave. Music from filmstro.

{LEGO FNAF} Sister Location Trailer 4k Recreation - 1k Special
@Ryan Roy
Hey everyone! Thank you all for one thousand subscribers! Here is my gift to you all, a recreation of the famous FNaF Sister Location Trailer in beautiful 4k resolution! This will kick off my remaster

DAWN of the ZOMBIE - Part 1 -
A mini-series following chase McCain and fellow survivors during a zombie apocalyps. First part is inspired by Night of The living Dead.

Avengers' Endgame: Hulk Vs Thanos | Brickfilm
There are NO spoilers in this video, I had to delete the first upload due to a spelling error. Enjoy! Music: Instagram: minideliciouspant Twitter: Ethan@minideliciouspant Fund my project: #minidelic

Collapse Kapitel 7: Die Schlacht von Jakku
Das letzte Kapitel vom Brickfilm Star Wars Collapse. Die Übermacht der Neuen Republik greift die letzten Überreste des Galaktischen Imperiums auf Jakku an. Mittendrin sind Cole, Tek und Aver, deren St

[2019] Official Pilgrim's Progress Brickfilm Part One
Part one of my brick film series 'Pilgrims Progress'. In this episode, Christian leaves home with his friend Pliable. They fall into the Swamp of Despondency, and Pliable leaves Christian to his troub

Lego Duplo zoo (giraffe) Peppa Pig. Лего Дупло Зоопарк (жираф). Строим из Lego Duplo.Свинка Пеппа #5
@Bricks Toys TV
Lego Duplo Zoo (giraffe) Peppa Pig (cartoon series #5) - Лего Дупло Зоопарк (жираф) Свинка Пеппа (мультфильм #5). Строим из Lego Duplo. 😊 Subscribe 😊 подпишись «Bricks Toys TV»: 🎬 Video for kids, Leg

The nun bought a house and is terrorizing the neighborhood. This is the last chapter of my The Nun trilogy. 2100 pictures @ 12 FPS shot with Sony DSC-HX50. All sounds from

Lego The Excorcist - Stop Motion Animation
A remake of some of the events in the move The Exorcist.

Brickfilm Avenger Endgame Review.
This is my Review Of Avengers EndGame, but of course, with a bit of Legos Involved.

The Rise Of Skywalker teaser trailer in LEGO!
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
The Rise Of Skywalker teaser trailer in LEGO! I don't know about you but I'm pretty exited about this movie so obviously I recreated it in LEGO. Hope you enjoy, and may the 4th by with you!

The Battle of Raxus Prime LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion Clip HD
@Blackbird William
May the Fourth be with you ! Here's a special video for this Star Wars day ! This video is a compilation of the action scenes on Raxus Prime from Star Wars the Clone War Story Chapter 5 & 6 but this

I'll vote for Lego Web of Spider Man: The Shocker by @TheLegoDirector!

I cast my vote in favour of [2019] Official Pilgrim's Progress Brickfilm Part One by PlasticPointProductions

Hmmm...gotta go with web of spider mab: the shocker by @@TheLegoDirector

"Star Wars Collapse" by @Brickstorming gets my vote. Also, happy to see that it finally got english subtitles!

I vote for every film made by minideliciouspant My vote 100% gets Lego Web of Spider Man: The Shocker, very well done to TLD!

aw im going with Lego Web of Spider Man: The Shocker by big lad TLD

I voting for Red Planet by @SeanDoubleJ.

Lego Web of Spider Man: The Shocker gets my vote.


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