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Another month has passed, dear Brick a Brack residents. Now, we vote again for best brickfilm of the month of April!

Spider Man The New Avenger
@2x4 Productions
Spider-Man takes the next step to becoming an Avenger by working with S.H.E.I.L.D!

The Endgame We Deserve
No Context needed if you've been a part of the movie community for the last 2 months

LEGO Spider man Season 2 Episode 7
@Joshua Nelson
Season 2: Symbiote Wars Episode 7: Redemption Awesomepants:

Bob and Randy - The Freebaker Rescue (Episode 4)
@Chris Major
Bob teams up with new roommate Willard to find the Freebakery and save Randy from ... whatever terrible, terrible things are happening within an ex-conspiracy theory society that decided to stop takin

Guardians of the Galaxy: Ain't No Thing Like Me
Rocket Raccoon is facing Taserface, and he has to call for some unexpected help... #AvengersContest

Lego chopping bets
I made this for the Brick à Brack contest.

Lego Guardians of the Galaxy: Flirting With Death
@Maxed Out Productions
Shortly after the events of GOTG Vol. 2, the Guardians of the Galaxy are sent to capture Deadpool, and get caught up in one of the strangest love triangles in the universe. For those confused by the

On may 4th...
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
Rise of skywalker trailer in LEGO next week.

Entry into the Avengers thing. This was just a bit of fun, second half is MUCH better than the first half.

LEGO Avengers Endgame: Fury's Academy
Long before the Avengers Initiative, Agent Nicholas J. Fury searches high and low for the ultimate hero. At last he thinks he's found one.

Becoming an Avenger | LEGO Animation
@Hudson Ludy
One blissful Saturday afternoon, Hudson is confronted with the one and only Iron Man, asking for his help in defeating Thanos. ~ This film was made in a week for the Brick a Brack Brickfilmers Assembl

Avengers: Endgame - Trailer #2 IN LEGO
@ETR Films
Whatever it takes. Avengers: Endgame Trailer 2 - recreated in LEGO. Probably the most anticipated movie of the year, and my most anticipated movie of the year. I just had to recreate this one. This to

Magic chest - Teddy and Panda Pablo ep. 2 Lego stop motion
In this new Lego stop motion video with Teddy and Pablo Panda are on a new adventure! Teddy walks in the woods and sees a chest. It turns out that it's a magic chest! He tells his friend Panda Pablo,

Lego Gym Fail
@Half Bricked
Lego Gym Fail! just a funny stop motion about a lego dude trying to improve! let me know what you think!🙂

The Humans are Gone | MBU Short
This takes place before "Mr Minideliciouspant: The Beginning of the End" --- The Humans, are gone. Lego City has gone evil and corrupt without them, what will happen next to Lego City and it's people?

Easter Trippin' | Finish The Story
@Brickfilm Day
Easter is such a warm, joyous occasion. What better way to celebrate with another 'Finish the Story' film, animated by 6 wonderful brickfilmers? Now with a bigger twist than 'Us'!

My first brickfilm: Mace Windu’s supersuit!
I’ve decided to quit Hollywood and go into brickfilming full time. This is my first brickfilm, I hope you enjoy it!

Difficult Decisions (Entry To BiM EASTER 2019)
@Lainie May
Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy this short little film.

The Egg Hunter (BIM EASTER 2019 CONTEST)
A man takes egg hunting to the next level. Made for Bricks In Motion's TRANSCENDENTAL EASTER CONTEST.

Lego Easter Eggcident
@Brick Broadcasting
A terrible Eggcident happens when the Easter Bunny is laying down eggs for kids to find!! Will all be OKAY?? Have a Great Easter!! And a Happy #LegoEaster

LEGO Avengers: Infinity War
We're in the Endgame of the channel now... Get it? Cos the channel is dead lol bye Other stuff: 2nd Channel - Gaming Channel - Ross' Website - Jacob's Website - Our Flickr - Our Facebook -

The Crackening (Easter 2019)
Hippity-hoppity get outta my town. For his heroic deeds, our protagonist was given the position of Mayor. Was gunna be an entry to BiM Easter contest but nah

Evil Easter Bunny - EASTER 2019 Contest
Okay the story is, I wanted to make a long shot and a series of shotd with how the egg was made. When I did the long shot I realized it was 18 seconds instead of the planned 10, according to the conte

Made for the "transcendental Easter 2019" contest. Transcendental - Is something, based on subjective experience in the way of epistemology. To be or not to be? To egg, or not to exist...

Decorative Disorder (EASTER 2019)
@JO Co
After forgetting to decorate for christmas, there is only one method of retribution... An entry for the Bricks in Motion EASTER 2019 competition. Entries were limited to a length of 20 seconds. Credit

Republic forces on Thule LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion Clip HD
@Blackbird William
Hey everyone ! here's a new clip from the upcoming Star Wars the Clone Wars story Chapter 12 ! Thanks for watching and Don't forget to like subscribe and share it with your star wars friends ! Specia

Lego Infinity War
Hello, have fun with my latest adaption of the famous Marvel movie The following is in German -------------------- Über Mich -------------------- Hallo und herzlich willkommen auf meinem Kanal. Hier f

WW2 Battle for Stalingrad
Stalingrad October 1942, the Wehrmacht's advance is slow and difficult. In the destroyed city tenacious house to house fighting ensues. Warning intense combat.

Avengers Endgame: The previous MCU movies, but with Batman!
As you can probably tell, towards the last half that of it I kinda gave up on making it good. Hope you enjoy anyways!

Jar Jar Binks gets killed 26 times in 40 seconds
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
I'm not quite sure what enticed me to make this...but I must say its kinda satisfying. Music: Jaunty Gumption by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license () Source: Arti

Everything is Awesome (Music Video)
@Blast Door Productions
A Brickfilm music video for Everything is Awesome.

Cheers Love! This is part 1 of my brand new LEGO Overwatch series: Escort the Payload. Follow Tracer and her allies reach a top secret base to defend themselves against Reaper and Widowmaker's Team.

Lego Meteor Madness #FFS
@Brick Broadcasting
Benny wakes up and spots a Meteor... Oops... what's next? Uploaded today because of International Day of Human Space Flight Don't you just love #ClassicSpace and the #TLM2 characters?

Detective Ace Brickman - Ep.2 Teaser Trailer
Coming this May __ 2nd Channel: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:

Cringy Floss ClickBait
@Last Brick Productions

Lego Duolingo threats meme “looks like you missed your Spanish lesson today”
Funny meme compilation rawr lol XD Here’s a meme for ya’ll. I made it pretty quick but I’m hoping that the meme is still alive enough for this to get some views.

The Trap Of All Traps, A Hole
My Brickfilm for the crafting table project. As one video. In real size. Made with Lego by Lego for Lego. Enjoy. (How do I credit the others? :O)

LEGO Animation Tutorial: Set Design & Lighting
The third animation tutorial in a series of videos in which I hope to further explain how I achieved certain effects/shots/setups in my LEGO stop motion movies. This video focuses on set design and li

Collapse Kapitel 6: Töte die Vergangenheit
Der Konflikt zwischen der Neuen Republik und den Resten des Galaktischen Imperiums spitzt sich allmählich zu. Aver wird auf Chandrilla befragt. Letterboxd: Discord-Server: Musik auf Soundcloud: Sp

My First voiced Lego Animation.
This is my first voiced animation.

Lego 5 Random ways to contribute to sustainability
Just another lego stop-motion animation. This time it is something different. In part with the pandora project I was tasked with making a video that gives you some random tips about how to contribute

LEGO Star Wars Battlefront | Unlimited Power
@Ser Eathan
These Rebels don't stand a chance against the Emperor's power. Music - L'Orchestra Cinématique

Star Wars For Dummies Part 1
The Phantom Menace CAST: YummyBurrito HOO Gold Brick Productions Sir Snorlax LainieMaytions IsaacTheAnimator Ice Fox ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks for watching! Leave

Lego road stunts (fail) - Lego stop motion with Teddy and panda Pablo
In this brickfilm Teddy finds skates. He thinks it goes to slow. And Panda Pablo thinks he can do better. Guess what happens! Music: Friendly Day from Kevin MacLeod is licensed as a Creative Commons A

Avengers Endgame: Rescue
So uhhh this took me a month and a couple of days to complete— I would’ve already uploaded this hours ago but there was a copyright claim so I had to re-edit everything and that took just 4 hours. St

Lego Pizza 🍕 Delivery Fail
@brick fun park
Do you like Pizza 🍕? The delivery boy likes Pizza a lot...But this sometimes gets him in trouble.. The special effects with the pizza dough in the air and the ketchup sauce were really difficult to ma

Space Encounter
@Cloudy VS
Made for Films From Space's animation contest. Thank you for watching! In the video a strange captain called Tapp Dumbsworth and another space man find the millennium falcon, along with Han Solo and C

Build that Wall!
@Zach Studios
Note-This video is not for or against Donald Trump "We need to build a wall!" -Donald Trump I am sure many of us have heard this before. I bought a custom Lego Donald Trump minifigure in order to film

Jurassic World : Stygimoloch Escape FEAT. BeatupBricks Productions!
@Isaac The Animator
Check out BeatupBrick Production's animation here, and subscribe to him! Thanks for doing this with me, Caleb! Thanks for watching!!

Who could say no to Bob&Randy ep 4? No one. That's what I say

Bob and Randy - The Freebaker Rescue (Episode 4) of course!

I vote for Bob and Randy - The Freebaker Rescue.

This one is easy. My vote goes to Bob and Randy Episode 4: The Freebaker Rescue.

I really enjoyed “Ain’t no thing like me”, but my vote goes to the ridiculously great Bob and Randy episode 4.

I like a lot of them, I vote for the free baker rescue too!

My vote is for Ain't no thing like me!

I vote for Easter Trippin'


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