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Windows Movie Maker. The bane of my stop motion career, with its limited editing, crude timeline, frequent freezing/crashing, no color correction, and more. For a few months, I animated my short animations using only Movie Maker, my camera, and two desk lamps, and having done that, I have to say it is a hassle but it does force you to focus on base lighting and especially clean movements and creativity.

My idea for a challenge? Animate a thirty-second film and edit it entirely in Movie Maker, with no extra editing/color correction/effects. That means no additional editing in Photoshop,, etc. Screen shots of your files in WWM is required as well.

Obviously, this will force you, the animator, to do everything you want on-set and rely on Movie Maker for syncing and transitions. Having grown reliant on Hitfilm's effects/color grading myself, I know this will be hard. But to show it is possible, here are three short films I made entirely with Movie Maker and no other applications.

Tell me what you think of this idea for a challenge! For now, I might do it to get practice with movements. XD

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Sounds interesting! Have a couple questions:

1: Can we use WLMM?

2: Can capture/webcam software be used?

1. Yes!
2. If your capture/webcam is your camera, then yes, I will allow you to use that software, but only for shooting pictures. No editing using any webcam software.

Alrighty. Thanks!

Goodness gracious what a way to live dangerously.

A big question:
How will you see if it has been made in WMM or not?

Last edited by Shahriar (feb. 20, 2019 (01:32pm)).

@Shahriar, still figuring that one out. Thanks for reminding me!

No probs @Ryan Roy.
What about asking for screenshots?

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WMM was discontinued, so where should I get it?

@ThunderStruck ProductionsWMM was discontinued, so where should I get it?

Search google for downloading WMM from websites other than Microsoft's or try "Windows Live Essentials".

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