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Hello guys!

I was wondering, how do you add camera movement in Premiere Pro? I have spent about 2 hours searching but can't find anything. If you know, that would help lots!

Thanks! Minideliciouspant

Hi, check out this video starts at 3:30min. Panning etc. is done here by moving the image with keyframes. If you don't want to have the black cinematic bars then you should 1) scale up first or 2) import it in a different (bigger) format (height/width) so you can take a portion of it when working with fake camera movements

Personally I recommend moving the camera in the animation itself so you can keep it natural. Otherwise, I'd use the Transform properties in the Edit tab.

Okay thanks @Brick Broadcasting! @chris_gbp I would start to forget about adding the movement. So that's why I am doing it in Premiere Pro

Guys this is what I needed lol

Looks great!

And yes,.. the tutorial is good... describing step by step how to do it!

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