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Hello, dear brick a brack group!

I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Oli and I am from Austria!
I make brickfilm since 2003, but my first real brickfilm went online in november 2006.
I’m autist since I was born, therefore i had a quite hard time for years, often finding myself a victim of bullying and mobbing in real life and online as well.
However with the help of my friends and familiy i kept being optimistic and now I’m so happy with my life. Sure, autism still is a difficult subject for many people, bit I'm glad they mostly consider me a "normal person" than "handicapped" (if you're interested, i recommend this video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6fy7gUIp8Ms) 😉

But to get back to the brickfilming, I was quite successful in my Brickfilming, like the 1st place for my tutorial video at the germany internet contest, the 2nd place and 3rd place in other german internet contests.
I also won a special "life's work" price at the biggest german brickfilm festival, the "Steinerei" in 2009.

And i organize brickfilms for the Austrian AFOL Group “Liga+MB” and sometime I work for my private group OliAG.
Recently I celebrated OliAG's10th anniversary with a great joint project with colleagues from austrian, german and polish brickfilm groups.

So and finally her are my links from Oli-AG! 🙂

The best of Brickfilms from OliAG out of ober 275 Brickfilms! 😉 most in german! ;P

All the best,

Hello Oli! Welcome to brick a brack. I’m really glad to see how much investment you are putting on the brickfilm!
I’m already excited to watch all your brickfilms.
Also, I want to clarify something that is really important for us. We will NEVER judge or discriminate someone because he has autism or anything else, brick a brack is a place where you can share hobbies with others, and we want to make sure that any members of brick a crack can spend a good time with the other members.

If you have any questions about brick a brack, feel free to write to us.

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Welcome to the community!

Welcome to the community, Oli! The beauty of Brick à Brack is that we're all here to motivate each other and celebrate each other's accomplishments in brickfilming. Enjoy the site and let me know if you have any questions!

To get started with posting your own brickfilms to BàB, check out this tutorial we made! https://www.brick-a-brack.com/tutorials/tutorial/375/

Welcome to Brick à Brack

Hi Oli! Great to see you here!

Welcome dear @Oli-AG!!!

Welcome to Brick a Brack!

HelllLlLlLLllllooOOOoOOoooo There!


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