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Congratulations to "18" by @thistof for being voted the best brickfilm of December!

Now it's time to vote for January. With THAC, we have a huge list. Here our the amazing brickfilms released this past month!

Going Against Wind for the Brick-à-brack challenge
@Shane Studios Woods
A video for the Brick-à-brack challenge. It's kind of bad.

App Man Episode 5
1/5 - Statuette - App Man returns in the long awaited 5th episode. App Man and Andrew meet Scarlett, a fugitive with the ability to turn to stone. Sound effects from Creative commons At

What You Are Watching Is Probably The Strangest Thing I've Ever Animated For A Friend
@Chris Major
So my friend HOO shared this voice clip from an audition reel for his voice project. It was the strangest thing I'd ever heard. Both of us were in total disbelief at the ... voice work? Was this an au

Walking Against the Wind | Animation Test
Made for the animation challenge at

Minideliciouspants' Avengers: The Last Avenger Official Teaser 2019
Big thank you too Brick Broadcasting for voicing Hawkeye, channel link: Another big thank you to CS Studios for the Avengers: The Last Avenger title: Help support the full movie by donating some cas

Wolverine's impeccable sense of smell LEGO
January 2019 Wolverine smells that something's not right in this funny short animated LEGO stop motion brickfilm by hirschundelch. Written, produced, animated and directed by Stefan Minder Editing, Vi

Baby's Buffet (THAC XVI)
Watch this amusing video as this baby discovers the flavors of different foods. This is an entry to Bricks in Motions contest THAC (Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest). They give you a general idea an

Walking Against the Wind | Brick-a-Brack Contest
The challenge was to animate a figure walking against wind. This is what I came up with! Brick-a-Brack Website:

Don't you LOVE the fresh air on your face? - Brick a Brack Challenge
This was made for Brick a Brack's challenge called "Don't you love the fresh air on your face?" Enjoy!

Kaleidoscope BTS THACumentary - You Can't Go Home
Behind the scenes look at the creation of the kaleidoscope video.

Star Wars Before the Dark Times Episode II : Conquest of Mygeeto (a lego star wars stop motion)
@Blackbird William
Hey everyone ! This is the second episode of my new serie Star Wars Before the Dark Times this episode took me 10 entire days of work so I hope you'll enjoy it ! Thanks for watching and Don't forget t

The Birbs of 2020
The following video is based on LLP’s views of 2020 (The Futuristic Prediction Year) on the Internet in general (This is based on what he and the entirety of OCCC have experienced when its content was

Adventures of Mr. Awesomepants! -Official Teaser Trailer
Subscribe for more awesome content! Music credit to Ozone Studios.

I have 100 followers on Instagram!
Hello and thank you all who have helped me get 100 followers on Instagram in less than a WEEK! Please follow me on Instagram at: minideliciouspant. I upload BTS and other videos which I don't on YouTu

Goodbye, Mister Moon
This was my entry into THAC XVI. The theme was Discovery, with the mod elements red/yellow, and the letter C. A man goes off to the moon. Thank you so much for all the folks at BiM who supported, help

2018 Highlight Reel | LiamLegoStudios
2018 Was an amazing year, and this channel gained over 150 subscribers! A big thank you to everyone who has stayed with me and supported the channel. Looking Forward to the rest of 2019!! Song:

The Incredible Hulk goes up against against the evil-doing Red Hulk! Happy New Years, everyone!

Lego John Cena Fan Jumps Off a Bridge (CRINGE ALERT)
I hope this wasted 4 seconds of your life Jk, thanks for watching. Follow me on Instagram at minideliciouspant for BTS and other stop-motions I don't upload to YouTube!

Legacy [THAC XVI]
When the forces of evil are at his village's doorstep, Simon, a lowly farmhand, is told by his grandfather that he is an heir to the greatest knight ever to live, Bethador. Simon is tasked with findin

Lego Zombie Prison Break 3
Lego Zombie Prison Break 3 / Lego Stop Motion / Brick Films Hello friend, if you have time Please watch my playlist - The Incredibles 2 : - Mobile Legends : - Disney Story : #stopreupload #legozomb

THAC XVI - The One
@Onecras films
A troubled man discovers there is more to life than living in his imagination. Made in 24 hours for THAC XVI Behind the scenes:

Specimen C: Outbreak (THAC XVI)
@Trevor Stevens
A mysterious creature discovered just outside the city causes mystery and intrigue within the Tetroville labs. In the events that ensue, two workers develop an unexpected friendship they never expecte

THACXVI-The Coolest Dude
Made in under 24 hours for #THACXVI. I am tired.... Starring OneDouglas! SFX from Music "Burnt Spirit" "Bummin on Tremelo" "March of the Spoons" "Werq" and "Doobly Do" (in order of appe

SetCraft Episode 5 - Universal Headphone Stand
Episode 5 shows you how to build, specifically, this Headphone Stand where you can put your headphones onto. Support Legolord Productions by the following: (Webpage has all info for Legolord

THAC XVI - Wasteland
Behind the Scenes Pictures: @N02/albums/72157705481916234 This is an entry to the sixteenth Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest held on Bricks in Motion:

Made in under 24 hours for THAC

Reflexive - THAC XVI
Made in 24 hours. It shows. It shows a lot. There are a number of editing issues with this, and once the contest results are revealed, I plan to release a Director's Cut.

Gorble Day - THACXVI
@Nick Douglas
Join us in celebration of a glorious holiday. This is my entry to THAC XVI [url=]Written rhyme.[/url]

old man Jack - THAC XVI
@Ice Fox
This Lego Stop Motion film was made in less than 24 hours for THAC XVI. Thanks tho the amazing voice actors: Wammy: starwarsstudio100:

Val and Captain - The Mod Element Mystery (THAC XVI 2019)
@Chris Major
While Bob searches for Randy, Captain Viktor "Existential" Ekistenshal and Valerie seek to uncover the mystery behind a strange, lost object. This video takes place after B&R E3 "The Freebaker Conspir

Mortality (THAC XVI)
@James Cawood
Aaron's a very happy chappie, until he discovers he has a terminal illness, and only a matter of time left to live.

A new star will be born - THAC XVI
Made in 15 Hours for THAC XVI

Mudrock - You Can't Go Home - THAC XVI
Animated in under 24 hours for THAC XVI contest. Music by Mudrock.

Tha Cliff (THAV XVI)
@JO Co
Made in 24 hours for THAC XVI. Heavily inspired by the 'Tha Cliff' flash animations from which it takes its name but with a bit of extra insanity to spice things up. Credits: Writer/animator/editor/vo

The Unbreakable Box (THAC XVI)
How can you open such a dreadful thing!? Music by Kevin Macleod

The Adventures of Captain Discovery (THAC XVI entry)
Well here it be. my entry to THAC. I have no sanity left. goodbye. Dudebrick: Starwarsstudio100: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks for watching! Leave a like, comment, and

The Discovery of a Guitar (THAC XVI)
@Amari Studios
This was made in 24 hours for THAC 2018.

SODA (Made for THAC XVI)
@Jared Johnson
An astronaut discovers a strange alien out in the middle of nowhere and befriends him with a simple can of soda. STARRING: Scorch Bricks: Gold Brick Productions: Special thanks to the Frame100 crew

Squid On The Lamb
@Brick Block Animations
This is my entry into the 16th Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest on First film of 2019! Yeah! This contest was the equavalent of running a brickfilming marathon. I think it turned

Minifig Self Awareness(Thac XVI)
When a minifigure starts having suspicions about being part of a brick film, he starts to feel like he is being watched. Made for Thac XVI. Special thanks to: OneDoglas Studios: Wammy:

The Office Job (THAC XVI)
Made in under 24 hours for the 16th annual 'Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest' over at Bricks in Motion, the theme this year being 'Discovery'. Other stuff: 2nd Channel - Gaming Channel - Ross' Webs

Made in 24 hours for THAC XVI. A whole new world is inhabited by strange noises. Ready to be discovered. But what is so special about it? See it yourself. All words, Music, and Sounds are designed by

Misunderstanding - THAC XVI Entry
Made in 24 hours, or close to __ 2nd Channel: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:

Yellow and Red Brickfilm - THAC 2019
My THAC entry, and also the strangest film I ever made. So, the story... A man is... in a jungle... searching for... a treasure? Well, you better see it tounderstand

Me and Yew [THACXVI]
My entry to THACXVI. A man chops down a Yew tree to help construct his cabin, to find not only does it reappear each time he chops it down, but that it gets closer and closer to his construction.

@Future Past Productions
This is my first year entering THAC and it was definitely a challenge, but I think I still did pretty well. Now to sleep for a day because school starts tomorrow . #FuturePastProductions #THACXVI

Christmas Winter Edition
Brick had a very fun christmas adventure you must have watched! Like this movie if you've enjoyed! Thank you Paul M. Hofmann for the Co-Op! Other Movies made by me:

Simple Life - The Rent
@Cloudy VS
In this episode of Simple Life Bobby forgets to pay the rent to his landlord who is a gangster and because of that he and Dave hide in the bar, but unfortenately the gangster finds them. They find a s

TPF - Change and Demotion - LEGO Film
Subtopongowl! Join TPF (but watch your manners

The Brick Mirage 2: The Hand
This is not my usual, it is a creative one for a change. I had a lot of fun creating this, if you haven't seen my first "Brick Mirage" here is the link: This was for Triggerfish Academy's Competition.

Bored Clone Trooper
Whoever knew guarding a base could be boring!!!

Brick Block's New Years 2019
@Brick Block Animations
Hey everyone! Happy New Years! I hope everyone had a rad holiday break. I'm back for 2019! Get ready for new stuff!

The Plan Unveiled
@Nick Douglas
A villain has trouble with his monologue. This is currently my best film and I hope you enjoy it!

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Frick! There were a lot of brickfilms uploaded last month! My vote goes to me of course. THAC XVI Wasteland by @twickabrick!

I liked The Office Job (THAC XVI) by @the2awesomeguys the most...

I enjoyed watching The Discovery of a Guitar (THAC XVI)

My favorite is probably Legacy [THAC XVI] by @Sunspace - I think if he had the time to complete it during THAC, it would have gotten in the top 10!

My vote goes to Wasteland by twickabrick


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