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I need some help with lighting Because the last time I went to animate I realized it looked Terrible.
If you have any advice for lighting please help.


Try get 2 very nice lamps that have powerful bulbs. I did that recently and my lighting is soo much better! But also light flicker is one of those things. You know?

Remember to keep it interesting! I like to use cellophane or colored tissue paper to add some color. I have two very bright LED lights that I like to use to get a lot of shadow. It really depends on the mood your trying to get in the scene. For example a fight scene should have characters who are brighter or darker than the background to stand out or a funny scene should have enough light to see everything in frame and brighter colors.

Basically, it can all depend on your lens and shutter speed. You could get away with a 1 second shutter speed for majority of the lenses. You can experiment with the speeds and get it right.

Also, make sure your shadow isn't coming into the shot and that your lights are good.

Hope this helps

I have also found that if you are animating the minifigures, and taking the pictures right after, then moving them again, and taking the image soon after it creates very a small amount of light flicker. For my last two movies I have been standing 6 feet away from my set and camera for every image. It pays off in the long run, but takes quite a bit a patience as you do it. Of course, I have DragonFrame and the keypad so I can stand at a distance. What software do you use?

Just get some desk lamps and put them where the light would be coming from if your scene was real. For example, if your minifig is indoors, the light might be coming from the window, so you could put a light there, and then add a dimmer one to fill in the shadows that represents the bulbs in the house. If they're in space, the light is coming from the sun and that's it, so you could use a single really bright light to cast shadows.


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