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Last weekend, my buddy @Locker_74_Productions flew down to Alabama for Brickfair AL 2019! We got to hang out for two days at the Lego store and at the convention. It was tons of fun and I got to buy a lot of minifigures and sets.

If you've never been to a Lego convention, let me give you a quick rundown. There's a LOT of vendors selling tons of minifigures and sets, like a lot. If you didn't get to buy a set from (let's say) two years ago, well no worry! I'm sure one of the vendors has it on their shelves. The great thing about this is that I got to buy a couple sets from a couple years ago and it was much cheaper than buying it from online stores. A lot of the minifigures were decently priced too, especially for older ones. There were also a lot of stores selling custom made bricks and figures, which was awesome. I bought a custom made Jesus Christ minifigure Along with the vendors are a bunch of MOCs or "My-Own-Creations". It was amazing to see these MOCs in person, because the pictures and videos I took don't do them justice. It makes me quite jealous actually Other than that, the convention has Lego bingo where you can win prizes and fun little activities like putt putt golf or Lego focused carnival games.

Overall, it was a fun time and definitely worth the price of admission (which was $15 for us Americans). If you ever have a chance to go to one of these conventions, please do so! It was a blast to hang out with Sam for the first time and I hope we do it again in Virginia later this year!

Oh, and here are our VLOGs from the trip

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You guys had too much fun I'm sold, I wanna come next year!


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