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I think animation is a very truthful way to express your thoughts, because the process is very direct. That’s what I’ve always liked about animation, particularly abstract animation. You go from the idea to execution, straight from your brain.
– Michel Gondry

Time to dump out your buckets of Lego and take that idea from vision to reality!

As you're animating, lighting your set, and clicking away on your Dragonframe keypad, just remember that you've got your friends at Brick a Brack cheering you on the whole way.

One of the ways we're cheering you on is with this new forum topic! Here, you can post about animating, motion, lighting, walk cycles, set design, cheats and tricks, microscale, macroscale, forced perspective - anything and everything! Got a frame? Share that frame! Post questions and answers, or even just something random and really cool that you want the world to see.

Time to go from idea to execution. Welcome to Animation and Production!


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