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I personally will be picking these up soon:

And I REALLY want this one to go with them:

The bottom three I definitely want.. the first one.. it does have some great pieces..

I want the first one For General Mayhem, Lucy, and the banana.

I honestly just want more of Benny's Space Squad

This might not qualify as a set, but I would really like a keychain for my keys as there is nothing attached to them right now.

I still don't own a lego Raptor and that is kind of sad because I am "Raptor Studios" after all.

I have Benny's Space Squad

I really want the Captain Marvel set, Spider-Man Vs Venom Mech set, Spider-Man, Miles and Carnage, and definitely a few of those Endgame sets...

I recently got a strong desire to obtain the Saturn V rocket in lego form. Luckily, it’s still available despite coming out all the way back in 2017

As of Endgame, I desire all of the Endgame sets.

@chris_gbpAs of Endgame, I desire all of the Endgame sets.

Exactly the same here


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