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So this is The Entire MCU ...So Far FOR DUMMIES
A basic recap of all the films in the Marvel Cinematic universe as of December 2018 CAST ThatSarcasticGuy: GoldBrickProductions: Frame5 Studios: Isaactheanimator: Goblin Animations: Awesomepants FIlms

LEGO Superman Rises OFFICIAL
Hey everyone here is my new Lego film - LEGO Superman Rises! I enjoyed watching the Superman films and so I made this Lego film! I had loads of fun making it and I hope you guys enjoy! Don't forget to

You may remember my account from a few years ago. Due to me moving I had to pack away all of my lego for a while. Now, I always intended to get back into brickfilming but never had the time. And when

Spiderman's Merry Christmas
Spiderman is such a silly purple goose. So is the horse. And the bush. And the Santa. And the milk. This video was made for the 25 Brickfilms of Christmas collaboration. You can find the playlist of v

Lego Spider-Man: Far From Home - Episode 4: "The Sinister Six - Part 1"
@Funmi productions
Story: Harry Osborn creates an alliance with enemies of Spider-Man's past. Director's note: Stan Lee and Steve Ditko both unfortunetely passed away, and as a fan, I wanted to pay tribute. As I didn't

Winter Wonderland
@Future Past Productions
Happy holidays everyone, I hope you enjoyed this quick snowy video! Thanks for watching!

Lego Assassin
Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of uploads! However, i learned how to add visual effects and I think it came out pretty well. I would appreciate it if you could leave a like and/or subscribe! Thanks

The 25 Days Of Christmas | A Stop Motion Holiday Special
153 Frames Played in 24 FPS Merry Christmas! I purchased a LEGO advent calendar for Christmas and the past 24 days I have been hard at work animating this amazing set! It was a lot of fun to make, but

Christmas Warfare: Candy Combat (2018 Christmas Eve Premiere!)
Mr Minideliciouspant and his friends are out on Christmas Eve throwing snowballs at each other. After they are done they hide and wait for Santa to arrive, but he brings only ONE present! And there ar

Star Wars Before the Dark Times Episode I : Mygeeto Campaign (a lego star wars stop motion)
@Blackbird William
Merry Christmas everyone ! This is the first episode of my new serie Star Wars Before the Dark Times it took me 1 entire week of work so I hope you'll enjoy it ! Thanks for watching and Don't forget t

Crashing SomethingElseYT's Car (3D Animation)
I did a quick, 3D LEGO Movie-style animated part for an animated MAP for the YouTube animator SomethingElseYT. This video is a showcase and kind of a light comedic tutorial that goes into all of the w

A Bonus Christmas Special
Surprise This is the original video I made for the 25 Brickfilms of Christmas collaboration, but I wasn't happy with it so I made something else. And I decided to still upload the original, so here ya

An Extra Special Christmas Special
Here's my Christmas special! I hope you like it! Slotborg holds a Christmas party for his friends, but chaos ensues. Merry Christmas!!!!! Playlist: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A Festive Escapade | Finish The Story
@Brickfilm Day
This brickfilm was a collaboration between 8 individual brickfilmers. Each had more or less a week to complete their segment by continuing the story, with no prior knowledge of the plot. This is the r

LEGO Batman - Christmas Edition | Brickfilm
@Simon Productions
**WEAR HEADPHONES FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE** This video was rushed so I could get it out before the holiday. I will be uploading many tests for fight scenes so I can practice for an upcoming video that

Don't Mess With Santa - Christmas Lego Stop Motion Animation!
Merry Christmas! This is a video that I started early in December! It was mostly a test to learn how to make a fight scene. In this video, Jonny doesn't get a Lego set he wants for Christmas so he goe

Fountain - Wolves At The Gate (Fan Animation)
@Chris Major
My animation for #25BrickfilmsOfChristmas - based on the song "Fountain" by Wolves At The Gate. This is one of my all-time favorite songs and animating this film was a fantastic experience. The brickf

Requiem of a Bright Star [Christmas Brickfilm]
In space, no one can hear the sweet, gentle melody of the saxophone. This film is part of the 2018 Brickfilm Advent Calendar Project: Merry Christmas, everyone!

My Unluckyish Life- Episode 6: Home for Christmas
@Trevor Stevens
Made for the #25BrickfilmsofChristmas collaboration: Alex accidentally loses track of time, before realizing he needs to be home for the holidays as soon as possible. After finding out his car is "mi

Here is my new Lego film - LEGO JAWA: A Star Wars Story! This Brickfilm is about one Jawa who searches for Luke Skywalker's missing Lightsaber, and some much needed water (travelling across a hot dese

Lego - Lord of the Rings Online: Helms Deep Trailer
@Dragon Brick Studios
Lego - Lord of the Rings Online: Helms Deep Trailer This is a rough adaptation of the official Lord of the Rings Online: Helms Deep Trailer (an online game which introduced a helms deep expansion in 2

Lego - Watch That Snow! | 25 Brickfilms of Christmas (Day 8)
@Dragon Brick Studios
A man attempts to perform a simple and innocent activity of digging a heartwarming message in the snow. Shame he doesn't take notice of his surroundings! This is the 8th part to a collaboration with 2

2D version has also been added, the two versions link to each other in description. TURN ON CC as this video includes dialogue in both English and Hungarian. This video was made for the 25 Brickfilms

When I Received My First Lego Sets For Christmas (DAY 17: 25 Brickfilms Of Christmas)
Hey everyone, Merry Christmas! We all received our first Lego sets at some point. This is the story of when I received mine! It's a fun memory for me. This video was made for the 25 Brickfilms Of Chr

Lego Riddles in the Dark
@Zach Studios
Lego Riddles in the Dark Here is my entry for the Middle Earth Brickfilm Festival. Lego Riddles in the Dark has been recreated by me before but without any dialogue. This time I was able to get my fri

LEGO Gordon Ramsay: Rohan's Aid
@James Cawood
Gordon Ramsay has some things to say about one chef's cooking process.

LEGO Lord Of The Rings: Never Trust An Elf
This film was made as part of the "Middle Earth Brickfilm Festival" To watch some of the other amazing Lord Of The Rings brickfilms, click this link Voice Cast Goblin: Sinéad Doyle Legolas: Kevin Car

How Santa Burned His Bottom in LEGO! A Christmas Special!
Thank you all so much for watching! Subscribe to stay tuned! Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Darth Malgus vs Agen Kolar LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion Lightsaber Duel
@Blackbird William
Hey everyone ! Here's the second part of the Darth malgus clip that I published 2 months ago ! Thanks for watching and Don't forget to like subscribe and share it with your star wars friends ! Speci

Blob Wants A Present - 25 Brickfilms of Christmas / Day 16)
This is one of the 25 Brickfilms from this years BRiCKFILM ADVENT CALENDAR (hosted by Slotborg)! Blob wants a present by Santa. Will he get one?

The Magic Stud - 25 Brickfilms of Christmas (Day 15)
@Nick Douglas
Day 15 of the 25 Brickfilms of Christmas. It may or may not make sense. Probably the latter.

Lego Star Wars - Darth Vader vs Fly
@brick fun park
Lord Darth Vader decides to take some time off to relax on the Blue Planet. But his vacation is not as expected....

Neon Christmas
@Hudson Ludy
A true story of the conflict with a poor high-school senior at the time of Christmas. The very talented genius filmmaker, Hudson J Ludy, is faced with a huge problem when his younger brother asks him

Life Advice (A Brickfilm)
@Brick Block Animations
Hey everyone! This is a short I filmed in about a day to prepare for the THAC (Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest) on Congratulations if you made it this far. I know I haven't upl

Owl City's Peppermint Winter -- A LEGO Music Video
Made for the 25 Brickfilms of Christmas project. The other 24 videos can be found on this playlist: Song used is Peppermint Winter by Owl City. I do not own the song; credit goes its rightful owners.

25 Brickfilms of Christmas #13: DIY Christmas Present
The perfect gift is what you make with your own hands. Watch the rest of the Brickfilm Advent Calendar here: Directed by: Arginnon Story and additional sets by: Lady Arginnon Sounds: Evil-Dog, Inspec

R.I.P Stan Lee
This was a little late but I still had to make it either way!! Thanks for watching, join in and celebrate the amazing life Stanley had! I DON'T OWN THE MUSIC ALL RIGHTS BELONGS TO MARVEL!!

Simple Life - Computer Virus
@Cloudy VS
Thank you for watching I am sorry that the video is shorter than usual, but I did not have a lot of time to make it

LEGO Star Wars: Kenobi vs. Vader OFFICAL
Here is my Lego recreation of the lightsaber battle between Ben Kenobi vs. Darth Vader from Star Wars A New Hope. I hope you guys enjoy and don't forget to subscribe for more future awesome Lego conte

Lego DC Short: Super Infringement
hey mate CAST: Torchlight Cinema FrozenLakeFilms Reused "Huh" from Parkermation Pictures Bryguytyguy Skinny Zach Films Natebrickstudioz

Dog 6
@Ozone Studios
The sixth installment in the Dog series.

Lego Santa Wish List
@Brick Broadcasting
The most beautiful time of the year. A time of family, giving and getting gifts. Be careful what you wish for.... based on a true story! Day 4 of the 25 Brickfilms of Christmas: The Christmas brickfil

The End of a Dynasty
@LAF Productions
There is bad blood between two families. A blood feud has carried the violence on for years. Now, only two men from each family remain. Who will survive? Special thanks to RomeNZ for his perfect voice

Sonic X Re-animate | My shots side by side and normal
This is a project, I'm apart of where we recreate shots from a Sonic X episode. I'm with a ton of other animators to create this one big video.

LEGO WW2 Battle for Carentan
11th of June 1944, fifth day after D-Day The battle for Carentan is raging on. The city is almost in full control of the Allies. A paratrooper squad has the objective to hold the frontline. The Wehrma

Day 2: The Awesomepants squad in... Christmas Dinner!
Part of the “25 brickfilms of Christmas” collaboration. Playlist: Music used: A brickfilm Christmas theme by Winter Sock Productions. His channel: Jingle bells metal cover: Jingle bells: What chil

Santa's Cookie; The 25 Brickfilms of Christmas
Join us as we sneak out at night on Christmas Eve, and steal the cookie meant for Santa. Chaos is abundant as the minifigures gobble up the desert. I hope you enjoy! Here is the link to the advent cal

Harry Potter And The Fantastic Beasts
@2x4 Productions
This is our Fantastic Brickfilms And Where To Make Them Brick A Brack contest entry. Enjoy.

My vote goes to Peppermint Winter by @Undershadow

I'm voting for '18 by @thistof

This is really hard, there are a lot of great brickfilms here. But mine goes to Requiem of a Bright Star by @Pongowl, also @Brickfield54, I uploaded a video today and put it up. But it isn't here.

My vote goes to '18 by thisof.

Last edited by UnDouglas (jan. 2, 2019 (07:30pm)).

Also '18 by @thistof

There are a lot of really great ones here! But personally, I'm voting for 18 by @thistof

Spiderman's Merry Christmas by @Wammy
Silly nonsense, but really embraced the feel of stop-motion in that old school kind of way, which I really enjoyed.


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