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Hey guys!

So if you're wondering how to create an effect from a movie or TV show, there's a pretty good chance that someone has already done that effect and shared the how-to process online! One such resource I recommend for effects tutorials is Film Learnin'. Film Learnin' is a YouTube channel and show created by Grant Cook, a total FX genius who creates tutorials, short films, and projects to help other filmmakers learn how to incorporate various visual and audio effects into their films.

If you're looking for a good warm-up tutorial, I recommend his Audition tutorial for Green Arrow's and Reverse Flash's voices, from the CW's shows Arrow and The Flash. They're relatively easy to try out, and if you don't have Audition, you can adapt the steps for something like Audacity!

More information can be found on the Resources Page here:

What do you think?

Yeah, Loved his flash tutorial..

Pretty good Chris, thank you for sharing

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks @Chris_Major!

If you guys use any Film Learnin' tutorials, share them here and tag Grant on Twitter. I've got an upcoming project where I'm gonna play with his Flash STRIKE pack, so I'll be sure to share the results here!


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