Brickfilm Wars 2018 | Brick à Brack

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Hey everyone!
It is time we have the 2018, Brickfilm Wars. This was not created by me, I just am recruiting for war against @Laf_Productions and @AwesomepantsFilms Join me against them, so, what you have to do is, make there channel minifigures, and make an animation of you beating them up. This isn't online bullying, we are just doing this for fun, war starts on the 18th. Get animating! You do not have to join me, you may join them if you would like to, see you on the brickfield!

Aye aye soldier.

My, my. 🤔 This sounds violent! 😬

@PlasticPointProductionsMy, my. 🤔 This sounds violent! 😬

But I didn't start it

We didn’t need a BaB thread for this, but okay

Wait, what about the other contestants?

Like Undershadow and such. Unless of course this is a different one.


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