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Clutch Powers Rebuilt!

Hi! Clutch Powers rebuilt is a community project to re-create the cherished film “Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers” entirely in stop motion animation. I’ve divided the movie up into convenient 4-minute approx chunks. If you are interested in animating one of them, DM me and I will send you the clip from the original film so that you can recreate it!
Clips are open to artistic license, so feel free to get creative with it! And don’t worry if your minifigures and sets don’t match the movie exactly, we’re not trying to be perfect!
When you are finished your clip, email it to me at, either as a video file or an unlisted YouTube video.

Ideally all the clips would be submitted to me by the end of 2019. Have fun and be creative!

The clips are as follows:

Finding Crystals, Rock Monster Pursuit *taken by Joshua Nelson*
Clutch Powers Driving *taken by Awesomepants*
Lego HQ mission brief *taken by banana brick productions*
Arty *taken by slotborg*
Spaceflight to prison planet *taken by brick block animations*
Getting inside the building
Mallock’s escape and building a new ship *taken by spudson*
Landing on Ashlar *taken by Arminanimator*
Intro to Mallock *Taken by Seza*
Skeletons attempt to capture Clutch *taken by OllieRocks*
Intro to Hogarth
Building the battle cart *taken by kerloft*
Intro to Prince Veron *taken by DiegoJames*
Intro to Lofar finishing battle cart and the plan
The battle begins
Confronting mallock and capture and skeleton charge
Battle rages and cart is destroyed and Hogan brings Mallock the sword
Build on each other
The fight goes on
The final battle *taken by Aidan Buffalo*
Everyone is happy *taken by Blandeer*
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Dang I gotta rewatch this movie

@chris_gbpDang I gotta rewatch this movie

I will

Are their still places open to animate?

Yep! All the places without an animator’s name next to them are available!

Sounds interesting! I will watch the movie again and tell you which part I choose.

Love the title! Where would be a good place to watch the movie? Or do you have a link where I could watch the clips that have not been taken?

@HoverfrogFilmsLove the title! Where would be a good place to watch the movie? Or do you have a link where I could watch the clips that have not been taken?

We were going off a YouTube video, but unfortunately it was taken down. This complicates things, but I’ll find a solution
Edit: For now, once someone chooses a scene I’ll do my very best to find it on YouTube for them to watch. It’s a really messy solution, but the only one we have right now. Alternatively, if they own the film, I can give them the proper timestamps.

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I could help out if needed! Animating, voicing etc


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