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Something is happening in the shadow... #Brickstars2018 soon! 🥰

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Just here, the link at the end of the news :

Wow! Already 50 participants for #Brickstars2018! When we pass 61 entries - #Brickstars2017 's record - then we will add even MORE PRIZES for YOU to WIN! You're just one brick away from getting there, we're counting on you! 🎉😲🎉

🎉🎉 You did it! 63 entries to the #Brickstars2018, so, we add a starter kit from Brickstuff for the first place! 🎉🎉

You want some more? Go to 85 participations now! #YouCanDoIt 😍

What is this ?

It's little LED adapted to LEGO size, it is useful to have good lights effects in brickfilms

These lights are awesome, highly recommended


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