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My 200 Subscriber Special - but it's more than that! With real life footage, Stop- Motion Animation and in even more ways I created this little, a bit confusing, but hopefully enjoyable video.

Last edited by Yetgo (nov. 15, 2018 (12:39am)).

I love your minifigure demonstration, it's great!

You only have 200 subs?!?! You should you 2k subs you deserve it! Just keep going and you'll be there in no time


Personal, Fun, Creative... typical Yetgo!!


@Brick Broadcasting
Thank you

Last edited by Yetgo (nov. 15, 2018 (01:34pm)).

I really enjoyed this! Looking forward to seeing a thousand subs mining count.

Hopefully thousand subs are comming soon

That's a lot of minifigures.

And they won't all fit on the Old Fishing Store set

Crap... hopefully they will, if I put them also inside...
Brickstorming also suggested making a 1000 Minutes long video with thousend words, were in every minute only one word is said


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