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Hey everyone! I'm sure you remember Thistof's A Brickfilm Christmas collaboration from last year. Recently I had the idea of doing something like it again this year. Unfortunately I had the idea a little too late in the year. But thankfully, Thistof came to the rescue and suggested a new idea. So we're gonna do that!

This year, as you can see by the title, The project will be called The 25 Brickfilms of Christmas. It will be a Brickfilm Advent calendar. Starting December 1st, One brickfilm will be released each day until Christmas Day. The day each brickfilm is released will be completely random. If you want your brickfilm to be released on a certain day, Private message me and I'll see what I can do.

We need 24 animators to participate. (not including myself). Each animation needs to be 30-60 seconds long. As for what you should animate is entirely up to you. It may be as simple as wishing the audience a merry Christmas (preferably in an interesting way to keep things not boring), a short story, A quick joke, etc. Anything you want as long as it follows the following rules:

RULES: Absolutely no Sexual content, Foul language, or anything offensive. Try to keep the animation within the previously stated 30-60 second time limit.

I'd like all animations to be done by 12am (midnight) CST, December 1st. If you would like to be apart of this collab, Shoot me a PM or an email. When you're finished animating, I will give you a certain day and you can upload it to your channel then. Once you upload it, I will add it to a playlist.

Confirmed Animators: (25/25)
Yummy Burrito
Brick Broadcasting
Dragon Brick Studios
Tiny World
Joshua Nelson
Plastic Point Productions
Gold Brick Productions

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@Slotborg I invite you to do the same on BàB's YT channel. After all, a collaboration involves all brickfilmers.

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It's a good idea

I've sanded, cut, painted, and beat up a minifigure to make this video work. It better be worthwhile

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I'll see if I can do anything!

Please may I also be helping with this!!

Grab your family, friends, and popcorn! The 25 Brickfilm Christmas collab starts tomorrow!! You can follow the Advent calendar via this YouTube playlist: Seeya tomorrow!!

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Let's do this thing!


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