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Lego James Bond - unexpected encounter - Brickfilm
@Ice Fox
James Bond 007 is searching for a secret case as he gets interrupted by an enemy. Who will win the fight? This is the directors cut of the video. With sounds and extended scenes. BTS info: This film w

Lego Star Wars Brickfilm | THE FALL OF ALDERAAN OUTPOST - Episode I
~ lead-in It's about to get serious as Commander Reen and his men encounter droids on Alderaan! Soon they find themselves caught in the crossfire without much-needed reinforcements. ------- Finally, I

LEGO Star Wars AT-TE walk cycle Stop Motion clip
Hey everyone ! We have exceeded 1050 subscribers this week thank you to everybody for supporting my work ! Here's a short clip from Star Wars the Clone War Story Chapter 6 to show my AT-TE walkers wal

EP 1 (Part 3) - Captain America and The Clutches of Evil
@Wifey Blocks
Episode 1 (Part 3) MINI FIGS - MINI GIGS Captain America had to fix his hair before he fights evil. He doesn't want anyone to see him groom so he kept a close watch to see if no one was there. Unfortu

Lego: Kingdom of Malacult (episode 6)
Kingdom of Malacult is still there Hope you enjoy, this episode took me some time (a bit like the last one ^_^). Looting the Chapel of Skorm may be a good idea but when you need to find a lunatic mage

EP 1 (Part 2) Batman Toilet Surprise
@Wifey Blocks
Episode 1 (Part 2) Joker's prank has already been set! Who would be the first victim? There are two surprises, one in the urinal and apparently, one in the toilet.There's no escape for Batman the "Cap

The Future Of Lego Zombie Apocalypse
@Fly0Nn Stop Motion Inc
This video is all about the future of the Lego apocalypse. Hope you enjoy! 🐸😁😸

EP 1 (Part 1) Joker Prank in Toilet Set-up
@Wifey Blocks
Episode 1 (Part 1) This is the pilot episode of " MINI FIGS - MINI GIGS". Joker is about to set-up a prank in the neighborhood public toilet. Find out what he is up to and who are the unfortunate ones

Trooper (A Lego Star Wars Animation)
@Jared Johnson
It was just a normal day for a clone trooper, until something happened... STARRING: The Shape Shifter as the Clone Trooper CGI by Tom Johnson Sound Effects by Matt @ Brick Tale Studios Planet Text

Lego Haircut Fail I Brickfilm
@Cloudy VS
A boy goes to the barber shop to get a new haircut, but unfortunately he gets a bald haircut...

Five Sub Thank You, A Stop Motion Video.
@Fly0Nn Stop Motion Inc
Thanks for five subscribers, I really appreciate it! Drop a like and subscribe and I will make more! 🐵🐯🐱

First Person Shooter : A Gaming Animation
@Isaac The Animator
I recently started playing OpenArena, which is a cool First Person Shooter game. That inspired me to make this quick video.

Rosa and Marianne
This is a scene remake from a Belgian soap opera called "thuis" or "home" in english. Rosa(brown hair) and Marianne (blonde hair) have the same love interest and cant bear each other. In this scene t

Lego Stop Motion Zombie Apocalypse 2
@Fly0Nn Stop Motion Inc
If you liked my first video, you will love this video. 🐵🐵🐵

Lego Stop Motion Zombie Apocalypse
@Fly0Nn Stop Motion Inc
If you like funny stop motions, you will love this video. Plz don't send hate as this is my first stop motion video. 😁😸🐵

TORMENT- A LEGO Bullying Film
@SuitedNinjaNerd Productions
This video is a representation of the struggles involved with being the victim of a bully, all in the form of LEGO. The goal of this video is to bring awareness to the bullying epidemic in hopes that

The Nun: A LEGO stop motion horror animation. Watch how the main character gets ready for bed in his old victorian house until terror unfolds.

LEGO Shazam! Trailer
I'm really excited for the upcoming Shazam! movie, so I decided to recreate the trailer in LEGO. You can watch the original trailer here:

5 Things I Want to Do in 5 Years (3D Animation)
YouTuber Alex Clark made a contest where you have to make a video on the five things you want to do in the next five years. I gave it a shot with my first fully 3D animated video. The entire video (ou

Lego Elite Cop
@Cloudy VS
The elite cop have to take back the stolen treasure from the thieves and return it to the museum.

Cloak of the Light: Eyes into Another World
Drew Carter has had many traumatic experiences, but a lab accident left him blind. Several weeks later he regained his vision, but he now sees strange things that no one else sees. This movie is for a

Detective: Ace Brickman - Ep. 1 "Demons"
Ace Brickman is a miserable Private Detective with a dark past. Everything changes when his past comes back to haunt him. People in the Video --------------------------------------- Big Monkey: Gold

Lego: Kingdom of Malacult (episode5)
Elves, living deads, dark mage and finally a necromantic sword…..well, just the new episode of Kingdom of Malacult I think. p.s: A longer episode than the others and not an easy one to brickfilm. Mayb

LEGO Royal Talon Fighter Attack Speed build!
@Isaac The Animator
Don't forget to vote in the poll what set you want to see a speed build of next month! Thanks for watching my speed build of set 76100, Royal Talon Fighter Attack from the Marvel movie Black Panther.

Space Race
Made for the Bricks in Motion 2018 Summer Contest. #thefourmonkeys Special thanks to our voice actors, Keshen and Gareth!! ❤️ Links to their amazing channels below: Keshen8: Gareth Pugh Films/spugesdu

Mister Classified: The Red Fox
@Joshua Nelson
What if the hero didn't know his own secret identity? Dragon Bricks Studios: LainieMaytions: Epic Doctor44: Goblin Animations: Gold Brick Productions: NoPatricioNo: Rolex Animations: Awesomepan

Cut and Run [Movie Magic]
A duel between 2 rivals takes an unexpected turn... A massive thanks to Dylan Johnson for composing such a fantastic score at such short notice: Also, a big thanks to David Clark of namchild for allo

This is an entry to the Bricks In Motion contest, Movie Magic. It starts with an ordinary doctor coming home from work, but then he is attacked by Mr. Lego, a past enemy of Lego city. After going home

DESTINED TO DIE - #SummerContest2018 (English)
My Entry for the eighth week of the #SummerContest2018! It's seperated in four little Chapters: 1 - Humans decided to eat all animals and not only some, so the animals plan a revolution. 2 - 200 years

The Yellow Brick Horse
A nature documentary on the near extinct species, the yellow brick horse (equus fictilis).

Hmmmm ... difficult... I liked and loved quite some films this month..

But with a small margin my vote goes to TORMENT- A LEGO Bullying Film by @SuitedNinjaNerd Productions!

I said I'd vote for TORMENT- A LEGO Bullying Film by @SuitedNinjaNerd Productions, and I shall therefore vote for TORMENT- A LEGO Bullying Film by @SuitedNinjaNerd Productions

Cut and Run by @LOTWStudios

My vote goes to First Person Shooter - A Gaming Animation by @Isaac The Animator

I'm voting for Torment.

@minideliciouspantMy vote goes to First Person Shooter - A Gaming Animation by @Isaac The Animator

Thanks bro!

@Isaac The Animator
@minideliciouspantMy vote goes to First Person Shooter - A Gaming Animation by @Isaac The Animator

Thanks bro!

Torment all the way!


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