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Hi! I'm @MBstudio, from the french moderation.
So if my english is bad, it's because of my teachers and Google Traduction!

It's time to vote for the Brickfilm of July!
Choose the one you prefer and vote for it in this thread until August 31, 2018!

Please just don't vote for yourself, it's not good... That would be cheating.
Have a good day! Good luck to everyone! The list of Brickfilm is right there :

24 fps test 03
@Last Brick Productions
hey guys. thanks so much for all the views on the last one and the one I uploaded about a year ago. and with this video I will like to announce that I will now be animating at 24fps for all my videos

The Forgotten Files...
@Future Past Productions
Before the actual description I just wanna say sorry that the text and transitions between each of the videos are kinda laggy when they move, I have no idea why that happened, anyway on with the actua

24 fps test 02
@Last Brick Productions
this is a test i did at 24 fps. And I am possibly going to do alot more vids at 24 fps. and yes I do know that he wiggles around to much I will work on that. remember to like, subscribe, and comment.

Abduction | Entry to the Brick à Brack Animation Contest
853 Frames Played in 24 FPS Wow. This was due in 2 hours. Talk about last minute! Anyway, I started this on a Tuesday, and finished everything today. I know, I push it a little bit. This entry was for

Guy Gets Hit in the Stomach (Brick-A-Brack Animation Challenge)
A guy gets hit in the stomach and flies off of the screen, while the other guy runs around.

The Court of Conundrums
Two champions of Riigo-Faloo face off in the Court of Conundrums. Featuring the knight Kwendelkos and the wizard Lorian. Made entirely by me in less than one week for BRAWL. Sadly, I did not even plac

Speed Jumping
@Ice Fox
Lego Speed Jumping -Made for Brick A Brack summer contest (week 4)

An entry to 2018 BRAWL. Theme: Kairos Mod element choices, Blue and Yellow or the Letter E.

LEGO Space Police
@Joshua Nelson
Kranx and Squidman escaped from prison, and it's up to the Space Police to locate and capture them before they cause trouble. Gold Brick Productions: C.MeaX: TMBricks Studio: Slotborg: BRAWL is sp

A Glorified Animation Test
Made for week 4 of Brick a Brack's Summer contest. The challenge was to animate a figure in fast and slow motion. So I decided to try that out with a fight scene and this is the result! I didn't want

Before the Dark Times LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion Trailer
Hey everyone ! Clone wars is finally back ! We have excedeed 800 subscribers that's amazing thanks to everybody for supporting my work ! Today here's something new i've started a new stop motion serie

The Tomb - BRAWL 2018
@Goblin Animations
This video was made for BricksInMotion's BRAWL 2018. MUSIC Dramatic Swarm - YouTube Audio Library Pendulum Waltz -Pendulum Waltz by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence

Brick à Brack's Summer Contest - Week 4 Animation Challenge Entry
An entry to Week 4 of Brick à Brack's Summer Contest:

Demo Reel | July2018
@NYAJ Frame-ations
Here is a short demo reel showing some of my best animation I have done in the past year and a half. I made this quick video as a bit of a filler while I film some contest entries to be released soon.

The Lumberjack (SummerContest2018 - Week 4)
@Blue Brick Studio
This is our entry for the Brick-à-Brack SummerContest2018 - Week 4. Enjoy!

Running Through Time (English)
A crazy scientist has built a time machine out of a treadmill. Now he let's two friends test the machine. Will they really run throufh time? You will see! A Film for week 4 of the #SummerContest2018

Summer Animation Contest Announcement - Brickfilm Day 2018
@Brickfilm Day
Transcript: Narrator/Editor/Intro Animator - Lewis Townley: Editor/Animator - James Cawood: Firestar Toys:

time, a question of speed | Brick À Brack {WEEK 4}
This is for Brick À Brack's time a question of speed. Yes, you probably are thinking... WHY is he making his entry again????? Well, the story is. I made the first version, then I slowed down the slow-

Hogwarts Shot
@Isaac The Animator
This is a shot that I put together in Hitfilm this morning, to have at the beginning of all of my Harry Potter Hogwarts Life episodes. 75% of it was made from scratch in Hitfilm. The only images were

Time, a question of speed (Summer Contest Week 4)
This is my entry to the fourth week in the Summer Contest. I hope you enjoy!

Dusting the Suit
This was made for week 4 of the #SummerContest2018 on Brick á Brack. #thefourmonkeys

Storm trooper fail stop motion
@The brick bro
The storm troopers will never learn.

Struggles of Stop-Motion as a 3D animation | 3D LEGO Animation
This is my first LEGO animation in maya... needs work, especially with the lighting. Interior lighting is difficult for some reason. But it's alright, I guess. Gaming Channel: Twitter: Brick à Brack

Walk/Jog/Run - BaB Contest Entry
@Isaac The Animator
This is my entry to the Brick a Brack week four challenge, found here

Lego Zombie Prison Break
Lego Zombie Prison Break / Lego Stop Motion / Brick Films

Two against One
Two peasants take on one knight.

Time, a question of speed
@Future Past Productions
I had already been animating another video today, and I'd been waiting to enter one the Summer Contests, so it was perfect timing! xD I've actually animated a test quite similar to this before, but it

Lego: Kingdom of Malacult (episode 2 )
When a catastrophic mage is given a simple task make sure there is no dark elf next to him.

@Scorch Bricks
Batman finds himself trapped in an underground laberynth and must fight his way past the Talon in order to survive... BATMAN THE COURT OF OWLS A SCORCH BRICKS Brickfilm Based on the NEW 52 Story Voice

Genesis of a Brickfilm | BRAWL 2018
@Space Sushi
A brickfilm about time travel gone awry following interference in an essential event, featured in a brickfilm about a brickfilmer considering his own essential events. Is this meta? Created in 1 week

Upgraded Time Machine
@Zach Studios
So I made the Lego time car from Back to the Future, then upgraded it a bit, hope you guys enjoy taking a look at it.

CineBrickfestival 2018 Winner
@Zach Studios
Welcome Zach Studios fans to a new video. I am a winner of the cine brick festival! Here is a link to the winning video the adventures of Banana Guy!!

A True Hero (BRAWL Entry)
This was for the contest BRAWL which means that you have one week to right the script, animate, edit, and finish the movie. The theme of the contest is "kairos" which means an opportune or decisive mo

Harry Potter - Harry vs. Draco
@Isaac The Animator
In this juicy video... we pitch Harry Potter against Draco Malfoy. Subscribe for more Harry Potter videos coming soon!

I don't want to go to bed! | The Stop-Motion Lady
@The Stop-Motion Lady
I haven't been able to make a stop-motion but now it is done

Cette vidéo est un remake de Egyptian Journey, qui est un brickfilm mit en scène par mobdeli, ceci dans le cadre de #SummerContest2018 - Semaine 2. vidéo originale:

Ninjago of the West (An entry to Brick à Brack's Summer Contest)
A tribute and pretty much direct rip off of Rioforce's "Spirit of the West," which can be found here: This video is a bizarre entry into week three of Brick à Brack's summer contest. More info can be

Walk Through Life BRAWL 2018
A lifetime shown through walking. This is my entry to BRAWL 2018. Enjoy!

In a world of living radio robots, one robot struggles to find reception. Created for BRAWL 2018

James Bond in Lego
@Ice Fox
The iconic James Bond gun barrel sequence recreated in Lego. Enjoy...

doop [SummerContest2018 entry]
Days of Our Pizza if it was an 80s brickfilm. Made for week 2 of the Summer Contest on Brick a Brack. Adaptation of Keshen8's Days of Our Pizza () in the style of 80s brickfilms, such as Oh Well! ()

Flight Plan | A BRAWL 2018 Entry
@Formal Lens
A chance encounter in an airport departure lounge. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: Music- Sound Effects-

Busker's Opus - BRAWL 2018 Entry
My entry to the BRAWL 2018 Entry. Special thanks to Thistof for helping me with finding the right music and for adjusting the audio for the MIDI version of the piece. Thistof:

A Coffee Adaptation - #SummerContest2018 Week 2 (English)
An Adaptation of the first scene from the brickfilm 'Coffee Cop in Lego City' for the #SummerContest2018. Hope you enjoy! The original Brickfilm:

@James Cawood
In the wasteland, only one law remains: kill or be killed. An entry to BRAWL 2018 (theme being Kairos)

The Reluctant Thief - BRAWL 2018
Griffin and Ayden go to still the expensive blue cheese, but Griffin is having second thoughts. Made in one week for BRAWL! Cast Griffin - Speak Broccoli () Ayden - G-Octavius (From Our Universe,) Sec

@Amari Studios
This is an entry into bricks in motion’s 2018 BRAWL.

Unarmed and Furious - Entry to BRAWL 2018
A special agent infiltrates an enemy fortress in order to disable a missle that's about to launch, and he has to choose between a blue and a red wire.

Bob and Randy E2.5 - Spirit of the SummerBRAWLtest2018
@Chris Major
Bob and Randy shamelessly parody/rip off Rioforce so that Chris can enter BiM's BRAWL and BàB's #SummerContest2018 at the same time with one video - a merging he keeps calling #SummerBRAWLtest2018. He

LEGO Ninja Janitor: Episode 1
Ninja Janitor takes a break from cleaning the streets of crime for some much-needed R&R. More episodes coming soon!

Attack of the Foil! | Brick à Brack Adaptation Contest 2018
@Space Sushi
This adaptation based on the first minute of Jett Williams's "Attack of the Magnets! - LEGO Animation ft. Zen Magnets" was created for the Brick à Brack 2018 Summer Contest Week 2. Jett Williams's vid

@Last Brick Productions
the worlds most useless superhero. tell me what you guys think in the comments.

@Sir Snorlax
A man's mother comes over to bake.

Duel of the Fates - A BaB Contest Entry
@Isaac The Animator
Enjoy this brickfilm! It took me slightly less then a week to make, and is for Brick-a-Brack's adaption contest, found here. The brickfilm that inspired me is found here. It is not an original idea, b

Lego School Prank : New Coming l Lego StopMotion
Hi guys My Lego StopMotion relase now, next time i can make Brickfilm about Lego School Fail Lego Spiderman Fail and other Please look other video on playlist And don't forget support my channel click

Lego Star Wars - Sabacc
This animation is not based on the Solo movie. It's just my interpretation. ► Twitter ©Киностудия RenfefilM® 2018

Lego: Kingdom of Malacult (episode 1)
The kingdom of Malacult......... huge forests, little villages and some time a goblin invasion. Usually goblins are no big deal, but when your elfic gamekeeper sleeps all day long and that the rest of

LEGO Star Wars Space Battle
@Box of Bricks
Hi friends!! This is a modified version of the battle scene. This is my first job with сhroma key. What do you think about it?

Star Wars The Clone War Story Chapter Eight (a lego star wars stop motion)
Hey everyone ! We've exceed the 700 subscribers that's amazing thanks to everybody for supporting my work ! I've finished the eightth chapter of my LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion series I hope you'll enjo

LEGO Animation Tutorial: How To Make A Sunset
The first in a new series of video tutorials in which I hope to further explain how I achieved certain effects/shots in my stop motion movies. This video focuses on how to achieve a sunset effect. For

The Fearful and the Drunk
After their leader is killed by orcs, a coward and a drunk man try to survive in a dark obscure forest... Hope you enjoy this brickfilm!

Let's go!

Reception by @thistof gets my vote!!

I really enjoyed The Court of Conundrums by @Squid. I like the animation style, the brick built motion blur, and the sense of kind of nonsense humor!

Gonna cast my vote for LEGO Batman: THE COURT OF OWLS by @Scorch Bricks. Definitely stands out amidst most Lego Batman films! Very well done.

@Brick BroadcastingReception by @thistof gets my vote!!

Mine too! I really liked his Brickfilm!

Hard choice, but probably Reception by @thistof!

My vote goes to Running Through Time by @Yetgo !

Last edited by GrandviewWorkshop (aug. 2, 2018 (01:15am)).

Lots of GREAT CHOICES, but I'm going to go with @LOTWStudios Busker's Opus. Beautiful story. Really captures that moment. Also the piano playing is TOP NOTCH.

Guy gets Hit in the Stomach by Wammy

Last edited by Wammy (aug. 2, 2018 (03:43pm)).


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