LIVE! Summer Contest Week 4 | Brick à Brack

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I looked at the description for this weeks contest, and it sounded interesting! I figured some of you guys who are/aren't entering might be interested in seeing the animation progress... LIVE! I'm currently on shot 2, and will be doing the live streams all of this week. If you're interested, feel free to drop on by and have a look! I will be doing song requests, plus a QnA with you guys if you have questions about my animation/other work/equipment. Thanks for your time,


Sounds fun! I'll swing by for a bit!

Nice guy, I'll check that in replay as soon as possible

@Maxou44Nice guy, I'll check that in replay as soon as possible

Thanks! Just note that there won't be much sound in some parts just because I had to remove it because of copyright music. But that doesn't matter I guess, just the animation.

What software do you used to animate ?

@Maxou44What software do you used to animate ?

I've used plenty of software before, but I wanted to go professional. I looked at Dragon Frame, but that is extremely pricey. Then I found AnimaShooter, which does all the things Dragon Frame does, from what I see. It costs $48, and works extremely well.

Hmm, that's good to know! I got people asking me all the time for software options and such. Looks like there's a free trial too, so I may just try it out myself.


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