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Hi! I'm @MBstudio, from the french moderation.
So if my english is bad, it's because of my teachers and Google Traduction!
(Never report the fault on me... Done! )

It's time to vote for the Brickfilm of June! (yes I know, we're a bit late... )
Choose the one you prefer and vote for it in this thread until July 31, 2018!

Please just don't vote for yourself, it's not good... That would be cheating.
Have a good day! Good luck to everyone! The list of Brickfilm is right there :

Lego spiderman fail treasure hunt - super hero
Lego super hero brickfilm animation stopmotion Playlist: Stopmotion by WayangLego We can make film about Lego superhero, lego prisonbreak, lego robbery, lego mr. Beans, lego city

The Quest for the Golden Banana
A monkey goes on a quest for the most delicious banana in existence! An entry for Animation Career Review contest Music by Kevin MacLeod "Temple of the Manes" "Tempting Secrets" "Fluffing a Duck" Sfx

Gorillaz - Empire Ants in LEGO (Fan-Made Music video)
@James Cawood
This video probably won't make any sense to a handful of people.

Lego Batman Toilet Fail - Funny video
@brick fun park
Lego Batman Toilet Fail is a funny lego stop motion animation video about Superheroes in real life. Batman needs to go to the toilet and Joker makes fun of him. Created by Brick Fun Park 2018. Music :

Lego Crackdown 3 - The Rescue
After Officer Foster gets captured by a criminal known as the "Shark", a rookie Police Officer attempts to rescue Officer Foster and to stop the "Shark" and his thugs.

Lego spiderman : Going to party - BrickFilms - Stopmotion - Lego Animation - kids toys
Lego Spiderman Stopmotion Animation what tittle for next Lego spiderman series? please comment for answer

LEGO Avengers: Infinity War in 4 Minutes
@Jonathan Theaters
LEGO Avengers: Infinity War in 4 Minutes The entire plot of Avengers: Infinity War condensed into a 4 minute LEGO animation! After over a month of work, it's here. Hope you enjoy!

Hospital Joke 1
@JustBrix BG
Hello guys I'm JustBrix and this short brickfilm is part of my new mini-series called HospitalJokes. Also don't forget to like the video and comment!

Lego Time Travel
Maverick is on his way to his friends house when he falls down a hologram hole and finds a massive machine you might even say "Time Machine"...

Avengers Infinity War - Part 2 - Some new Avengers
Thor, Bruce Banner, Rocket and Groot are still on there way back to Earth from their last journey when they are shot down and crash... Thanks to Brick Force Studios for about 2% of my video

High School in Two Minutes
@Space Sushi
Jimmy is now enrolled at Ordinary High School. Are you about to be in high school, currently in high school, or already graduated? This may or may not be an accurate depiction of your experience. If y

Lego Building a Cathedral
In collaboration with the Archdiocese of Paderborn, we are telling the story about the construction of the cathedral in Paderborn to young and old people in our new short film. Regarding the 950th ann

Avengers Infinity War - Part 1 - The Rise of Thanos
Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive get the Space Infinity Stone and then are caught off guard by some "friends"... And thanks to Brick Force Studios for some of the intro!

Lego: Kingdom of Malacult (trailer)
After peace came back in his kingdom the Young king Wilhelm III would like to imagine that everything is alright…..unfortunately for him, and his stupid fellows, problems are just about to begin.

Space Force is on the job, and ready for some cheeky action! @(^_^)@ #SpaceForce #thefourmonkeys

LEGO Star Wars The Clone Wars Episode 8
Lego Star Wars The clone wars Episode 8. We continue our story where we left off episode 7. About halfway through the galactic battle known as the Clone Wars. General Obi wan Kenobi and General Plo k

Ant-Man and the Wasp Teaser in Lego
@Isaac The Animator
Get hyped people because soon... very soon I am coming out with a Lego recreation of the Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer in Lego! This is a small teaser to get you excited... Please enjoy!

DEAF - BrickFilm Entry To Brick A Brack Silent Contest
Thanks for watching! This is my entry to the Brick a Brack Silent Contest, and, this is the first video I've made using my new laptop and webcam! Yeah, I know there's much wrong with it, but I hope yo

Lego Mr Beans Shopping Fail Skill
Lego stopmotion Brick film Lego city mr beans shopping fail

LEGO Bank Heist Silent Brickfilm
@TBB Animations
This is an entry to Brick À Bracks Silent Brickfilm contest - - - - - - - - - - - - - Social Media: Instagram: Twitter: ✌️

Modern Times
@Brick Broadcasting
Inspired by the factory scenes of Charlie Chaplin's 'Modern Times' And an entry to Brick-a-Brack's silent contest

Dobby and the Hiccups - BaB contest entry
@Isaac The Animator
Dobby gets the hiccups... and annoys you to death for 48 seconds. Enjoy! This is an entry to Brick-a-Brack's silent contest, found here.

Just Music - #SilentContest
A annoyed boy just wants to calm down with some music, making the world around him unimportant. My Entry for the #SilentContest

Anakin vs Ventress part 1 LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion (Clone Wars 2003 Chapter 17)
Hey everyone ! We've exceed the 600 subscribers that's amazing thanks to everybody for supporting my work ! I made the trailer for this one two monts ago so here is the first part of this epic scene f

Cookie Heist
this is my entry to brick-a-brack's silent film contest.

Are you still eating that?
A small funny Brickfilm about a guy who really wants a croissant! Hope you enjoy!

A Fallen Hero - Steinerei 2018 (English)
A rousing, slightly 'different' superhero movie ... In this brickfilm a former hero is confronted with his past by a man who recognizes him. Why did he stopped being a hero? Find it out here!

Yondu: Unfinished
@Isaac The Animator
These are the unfinished clips put together for a film called Yondu. I will most likely not be finishing it, but if there is enough interest in it I might consider finishing it. Enjoy!

@Last Brick Productions
this had originaly been a entry for brickworld chicago and the email didnt send and now i am not entered but this was more of a test and yes i know my hand was in it the one time.

[2018] Loneliness - A MBstudio Brickfilm
New York, June 1966. In tonight's episode, the star is Howard Brown. A young, pruning businessman who lives peacefully with his little family.

My entry to the silent contest at Brick à Brack.

My entry to the Silent Contest at I had lots of fun making it, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

GONK: A Jawa's Story
@Joshua Nelson
Why read the description? For this film, I really wanted to tell a story visually instead of relying on dialogue or lengthy explanations. I believe the purpose of the contest without voices is for tha

Dishonored - A Brick à Brack Silent Voices Contest Entry
@Chris M.
Few things are worse than a set bump. Made for Brick à Brack's Silent Voices Contest, a brickfilming contest with no voice acting allowed. It was a lot of fun to make! You can see the behind-the-scene

This video was made for Brick à Brack's Contest Without Voices: You may also see STONE in future videos, as we think he's really cute lol. @(^_^)@ #thefourmonkeys

Lego (Brickfilm) : God bless the barbecue season
Enjoy that season as much as possible, it's god's will……...and not only ^_^

Star Wars the Clone War Story Chapter Seven (a lego star wars stop motion)
Hey everyone ! We've exceed the 500 subscribers that's amazing thanks to everybody for supporting my work ! I've finished the seventh chapter of my LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion series I hope you'll enjo

An entry for the Silent Contest on Brick a Brack. A man comes home bored. He has lost his imagination and doesn't know what to do. What will he do to add some excitement into his life? Music "Chill Wa

Lego spiderman : spider bite - brickfilm - stopmotion
Lego spiderman - Lego stopmotion - brickfilm Thank's for watching guys. . . Subscribe: IG: @wayanglego

I'm voting for the "Cookie Heist" by Caleb

Thanks @MBstudio

I liked The Quest for the Golden Banana by @HoverfrogFilms a lot... but Dishonored by @chris_gbp the most, so my vote goes to Chris

Last edited by Brick Broadcasting (jul. 8, 2018 (09:12am)).

My vote goes to Dishonored by @chris_gbp

Last edited by Raptor Studios (jul. 8, 2018 (02:25pm)).

im going to have to choose interrogation by @Raytistic

Gonk by @Joshua Nelson is criminally underrated, so that one gets my vote!

I vote Just Music - #SilentContest by @Yetgo. It's really a beautiful brickfilm !

Feinstein FilmsThis post has been deleted by son auteur (Reason: I realized I didn't want to post :P).

I am voting for Cookie Heist by @Caleb


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