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It's time to vote for the best brickfilm of May! You have until June 30, 2018 to cast your ballot, so please refer to the countdown timer below:


Remember, you can only vote for one brickfilm, published in May 2018. Please don't vote for yourself, that would be cheating. All eligible videos are presented below, so you don't have to scroll back through and try to find all the May ones on your own. Remember, messages posted on this topic that are considered too off-topic by the moderators will be deleted.

Without further delay, here is the full list of brickfilms from the month of May. Good luck to all participants and happy voting!

Brick Idiots Stunt Jump Baseball
The Brick Idiots play stunt jump baseball. Fun was had by all. No minifigures were harmed in this video, hehe. (Featuring the voices of: forrestfire101, Keshen8, blobstudios, and SpeakingJargon)

LEGO Star Wars-New Beginnings episode 2
Alistair and Mina travel through the desert looking for Water, Fuel for there ship and food. The episodes will be released in 2 minute segments for upload frequency. Not exactly happy with how this ep

A Blacktron astronaut has broken in to the Classic Space command ship, hoping to steal some tech. Will he succeed? Will he outrun the (Admittedly not very competent) security guards? This project migh

LEGO Admiral Ackbar Reviews Solo: A star Wars Story (SPOILERS!)
@Amari Studios
LEGO Admiral Ackbar returns for his second review. This review of Solo: A Star Wars Story was a 24 hour project. I hope you enjoy! This one was easier to animate because a lot of frames are repeats an

[A Lego Lindsey Stirling Music Video] - The Arena of the Heart
A kidnapped girl goes on a journey to discover the meaning of the heart of her savior. I am very excited to finally have finished this video. I started it on September 2016 and stopped about halfway

LEGO Lucky Coin Silent Brickfilm Entry
@Amari Studios
This is about a guy who finds a coin and his adventure. This is an entry for the silent film contest. Music by Kevin Macleod. Thanks to Steve Jackson for letting me use his train an

Washington Capitals Brickfilm Action
This is an old Washington Capitals video, created with OYO Sports minifigures, that we made several years ago. Not sure if it ever saw the light of day until now. Enjoy!

Run For Your Life (LEGO Brickfilm 2018)
@Atlas Animationz
Run For Your Life is a horror LEGO brickfilm, released in 2018. A woman is chased by an unknown assailant through the back alleys of a major city. Why? not spoil the punch line... I've bee

LEGO Star Wars - Movie Night
@CheeseFace Productions
Kylo Ren organises a movie night for the storm troopers

Lego spiderman bacome youtuber - Lego spiderman compilation brickfilm stopmotion
Lego spiderman become youtuber Brickfilm - stopmotion - film comedy Thank's for watching guys. . . IG: @wayanglego BHSC image:

FTL: The movie! (Hillarious Lego animation)
I worked on this for about a month and a half, enjoy! It started out as a lego version of the video game FTL, but over time it kind of evolved and now it’s its own thing sorta! Anyways it’s by far the

LEGO Star Wars: Solo & Chewie
Han & Chewie's friendship is put to the test when a routine smuggling run becomes an Imperial ambush. This video was made as part of the Star Wars Celebration Month! Check out the awesome playlist of

Heldenhaft (Heroic)
Hamburg in July 2017. Batman participates in a protest campaign against the G20 summit. When the police invite the demonstrators to remove the hoods and masks, it comes to a scandal. Will Batman give

Fortnite Dances in LEGO! | 7 dances: NEW Chicken, Dab, Hype, and More
@NYAJ Frame-ations
Thanks for watching this Fortnite recreation video! I thought making a video this like would be fun to make, but don't expect more fortnite videos on my channel. This summer I will be posting much mor

Charlie Chaplin and Police | A Short and Silent Brickfilm
Nice and smooth stop motion animation on Charlie Chaplin and the police. Also, this is an entry for BAB's Without Voices Contest. I had to reupload a third time because the sound effects I used weren'

Lego fail and win - brickfilm - lego stopmotion
Brickfilm stopmotion Hello guys. . . Hello lego mania. . . This is my new brickfilm, upload date 16-05-2018 Check other video on playlist I hope you can support me, don't forget give me subscribe Than

Battle of Kashyyyk LEGO Star Wars Stop motion trailer
A short trailer of kashyyyk stop motion there's a lot of faults in it that's going to be improved for the final version ! Thanks for watching and Don't forget to like subscribe and share it with your

Relaxing Lego Animated Fireplace (TV Screensaver
A detailed animation of a Lego Fireplace with relaxing fire sounds perfect for creating a warm, cosy atmosphere for Lego fans!

Qui-Gon: A Star Wars Story
@Isaac The Animator
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away was Qui-Gon Jinn! I have always liked Qui-Gon as a character, and think it's apalling that he only appeared in the Phantom Menace and was then never mentioned

Whitecap | Brick à Brack Without Voices Entry
@Formal Lens
On a colony planet consumed by conflict, two sides find peace. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: Alien Voices- Jack Ballem M

Star Wars: The Last Comic Relief (feat BeatupBricks Productions & Slotborg)
The Star Wars story team has a meeting about a certain character that will change the course of history. This was made very quickly in two days, so it's not my best. If there is one thing I learned du

Lego Lucky Day - brickfilm - lego stopmotion
Lego brickfilm / stopmotion art Hello guys thank's for watching This is my brickfilm creation Don't forget comment Ig: @wayanglego Free subscribe

Qui-Gon: Teaser Trailer
@Isaac The Animator
This is the teaser for Qui-Gon: A Star Wars Story coming out on May 10th!

Shh ! Shh !
Remember when movies were silent ! Well, that time is back !

Star Wars the Clone War Story Chapter Six ( a lego star wars stop motion
May the force be with you ! We've exceed the 400 subscribers that's amazing thanks to everybody for supporting my work ! I've finished the sixth chapter of my LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion series I hope

@Scorch Bricks
After losing contact with an outer rim supply station falls out of contact, the republic dispatches a squad of clone troopers to investigate, but not is all as it seems... STAR WARS DEAD SPACE A SCORC

LEGO Star Wars May the Fourth 2018 Brickfilm! (ft. Gold Brick Productions!)
@Amari Studios
This is my epic 4 piece Star Wars may the 4th be with you parody! We have speak broccoli () playing a storm trooper and the amazing Gold Brick Productions () playing a fan who thinks Han shot first. M

"Oh, silent night" - GONE CAMPING Episode 2 LEGO
Chris and Rosy spend a lovely evening together, only to have a restless night. What is it that disturbs their sleep and how will they solve the problem? Another funny animated LEGO stop motion movie b

Operation Miss
@Simon Productions
Stormtroopers are really bad at shooting, so how do they make it on to squadrons? Is there a test? Well actually, according to the "Simon Productions film stuff and more stuff" there is a major test a

Horsey Time *TEST*
@Raptor Studios
An animation test created for the Brick a Brack animation challenge.

Blow up the earth
@Isaac The Animator
This is my entry to 's 10 second contest, found here. Enjoy!

Lego City Home Alone eps 1 - lego stopmotion - brickfilm
Lego city stopmotion Brickfilm Hello friend i hope you like my video Thank's for watching See u all

Last edited by chris_gbp (jun. 6, 2018 (01:56am)).

Dead Space by @Scorch Bricks takes my vote!

I really liked "Oh, silent night" - GONE CAMPING Episode 2 LEGO By @hirschundelch. It's funny and well animated, well lit and over all well done. I really enjoyed it.

I’m gonna have to vote for dead space, as it came quite close to giving me nightmares, which is an amazing feat to be able to do that in lego.

@AwesomepantsFilmsI’m gonna have to vote for dead space, as it came quite close to giving me nightmares, which is an amazing feat to be able to do that in lego.

Well that's just great, now we gotta open a brickfilm therapy thread on the forums

Liked a lot of movies this month (again )

My vote goes to "Oh, silent night" - GONE CAMPING Episode 2 LEGO by @hirschundelch

Last edited by Brick Broadcasting (jun. 6, 2018 (09:29am)).

@AwesomepantsFilmsI’m gonna have to vote for dead space, as it came quite close to giving me nightmares, which is an amazing feat to be able to do that in lego.

Well that's just great, now we gotta open a brickfilm therapy thread on the forums

Haha! Surprisingly I didn’t have a nightmare that night, but I came very very close. That screaming was terrifying! It’s so hard to find a brickfilm as legitimately scary as this, which is why it’s getting my vote.


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