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Hey everyone!

So I'm gonna post some sort of video on my channel about this, but I figure I'd use the forum here to let you guys know that I am headed to Brickworld Chicago! ( It's gonna be a blast! I've got a few people I plan to meet with over the trip (Friday - Sunday), but I am totally down to meet more brickfilmers!

If you're going too, consider commenting below and I'll keep my eyes open for you! So that you can find me, I'll be wearing my BIONICLE Phantoka backpack (see below) with a Ninjago Cole Keychain on it (also see below.) It's a hard backpack to get so I'll probably be the only one wearing one at the event! I'll also be getting video of the event to post on my channel, so if we meet and you don't wanna be in the video, that's fine - I won't record anything without permission

Thanks guys! I hope to see you there! And if this trip goes well, we may be able to figure out some sort of Brick à Brack table or booth or something for the future!

Also, there's a Brickworld Film Festival going on, consider submitting a film! (

Aw man, I wish I could go, but Chicago? I'm in Oregon! Bummer.

Finally finished part of the Brickworld VLOG! Check it out, we all had a lot of fun!

That looks super fun!

Hey, I think I might actually be able to go next year! Would the Brick-a-Brack booth be a real thing? I'd love to meet some other brickfilmers there!

@Isaac The AnimatorHey, I think I might actually be able to go next year! Would the Brick-a-Brack booth be a real thing? I'd love to meet some other brickfilmers there!

I am dead-set on making the Brick à Brack booth a reality, my friend

Cool! Have you heard from anybody else yet that they might be there?

We're still up in the air, but I know for certain that Brick Tale Studios, LotsaToast, and myself will be there for sure. Sombreroman is considering it, SuitedNinjaNerd and I are working on a way to get him there, and DudeBrick may possibly - if he can't make it to Brickworld, he'll meet up at Brickfair. DTinaglia, GDS, and TheBrickRookie will probably be there, I'm hoping to get them involved with the Brick a Brack table too. As we get closer to January, I'll have a rough plan of attack and we'll start planning out how to make the BaB table a reality!

Wait a second.... What's the difference between Brickworld and Brickfair? Which one is in Chicago?

And which one are all of these people going to be at?

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Brickworld is the one in Chicago. It's the biggest Lego fan event in the United States, or so I've been told. That's the one we're trying to organize a brickfilmer meetup and Brick a Brack table at.

Brickfair is in Chantilly, Virginia and we're also planning a meetup there but no Brick a Brack table quite yet. I plan to be at both events but all of my table planning efforts are going towards Chicago this year. The plan is to get some people together to display their brickfilms, brickfilm sets, and MOCs for public display, all under the banner of Brick a Brack.


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