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Small new addition to this forum - the creation of a new sub-forum titled "Exhibitions and meetings." We're still focused on bringing together the brickfilmeurs of the world - this time, to meet in person, to promote our films before an audience, and to show our passion for brickfilms. Brick-à-Brack wishes, this year, to focus on the AFOL exhibitions in the world!.

Of course, great classics such as "Fana'briques", "Fan de brique" or "Bric'kOuest" are part of the annual events that BàB offers to you every year. But many places around the world are potential meeting places. We need your help to draw our attention to the existence of other fan exhibitions.

BàB is in contact with other LUGs, but sometimes, information can escape us. You can use this thread to alert us in the BàB community about fan events. The English-speaking community of BàB is widely scattered throughout the world, but concentrations of 4 - 5 members around a region are highly likely. You never know who you might meet at a fan event!Hopefully, we can do more to connect brickfilmers at events, showcase our work to the Lego community, and maybe even organize a "Brick-à-Brack" table or booth depending on everyone's availability.

Just be aware, BàB is not a site specializing in LEGO events - this has never been its culture. Many other AFOL sites specialize in referencing fan events, so there's no need to flood this forum with topic to promote ALL AFOL events in the year. A simple comment on this thread will suffice. If a topic is created, make it only for exhibitions with some sort of brickfilm aspect. BàB remains first and foremost a community of brickfilmers.

The aim of this long-term approach is to cover a wide range of exhibitions all over the world in the coming years and to allow BàB members to meet and eventually have dedicated exhibits to brickfilms under the "Brick-à-Brack" banner if they so wish, without staff members necessarily being present.

For visitors: if you are in another AFOL association and would like to organize an event around brickfilming (convention, festival, contest, workshop "initiation to brickfilm," etc.) please email us by clicking on "Contact us" (at the bottom of this web page) or otherwise via our accounts Facebook or Twitter.

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It's a good idea, I hope the English community will organize meetings

Heck yeah! Let's bring the brickfilms to the people!


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