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Alright everyone, it is that time of the month again!

Ready to vote for the best brickfilm of April? You have until May 31, 2018 to cast your ballot, so please refer to the countdown timer below:


Remember, you can only vote for one brickfilm, published in April 2018. Please don't vote for yourself, that would be cheating. All eligible videos are presented below, so you don't have to scroll back through and try to find all the March ones. Remember, messages posted on this topic that are considered too off-topic by the moderators will be deleted.

Without further delay, here is the full list of brickfilms from the month of April. Good luck to all participants and happy voting!

Henry is busy working to create LEGO Minifigures, but something isn't quite right. What's going on here? Voice Actors Mark Vierthaler Zach Macias Special Thanks Fred Starr

Pointless Raging Video
@LAF Productions
Just a load of pointless raging and whining about how annoying the problems I had with file format uploading on YouTube was, and the fact that Brick á Bracks website was too "sloppy" so that I had pro

My Unluckyish Life- Episode 5: The Slippery Slope
@SuitedNinjaNerd Productions
One winter day, Alex and Percy decide to drive out to a giant snow-covered hill and "try" to go sledding... Emphasis on the word "try!" (Also, yes. I realize that the title is kinda cliche...) A Behin

LEGO Star Wars: DEAD SPACE Trailer
@Scorch Bricks
LEGO STAR WARS: DEAD SPACE Trailer May 4th 2018

Deadpool vs Deathstroke - LEGO Battle Arena (Brickfilm 2018)
@Atlas Animationz
'Deadpool vs Deathstroke' is the 4th match in the LEGO Battle Arena brickfilm series. WARNING: contains minifigure on minifigure violence and fake blood. Hope you enjoy it. Follow me on Twitter:

LEGO CITY Stop Motion - Firemen Rescue
Lego City Firemen Rescue Stop Motion is a small project that has been done in less than 24 hours. I've been working 8 effective hours on it actually to see what could be done in that time. I hope that

LEGO Avengers Infinity War: Last Stand
Cap, Black Widow & War Machine face off against a seemingly unlimited number of Outriders.

Sweep's Unfortunate Walk: Volume 2
@Isaac The Animator
This is my second rendition of the Sweep's Unfortunate Walk, found here. Enjoy!

The Art Of Brickfilming
Thanks for watching! I know I haven't come out with a video in a really long time, and this one is pretty underwhelming, but I have a reason for that and good will hopefully come soon! Song in video:

Lego Spiderman VS Zombie and Joker ( parody )
Lego spiderman vs zombie hello guys wellcome to my channel. . . happy watching, and if you like my brick film don't forget like, comment, and subscribe thank's. . .

Felix, The Dancing Horse - LEGO Brickfilm
this is my entry to the challenge on Brick-a-brack "animate a horse walking/galoping" this was a very fun challenge and I'm looking forward to doing more! let's make this description look more profess

LEGO Thor The Dark World Recap
@James Cawood
A LEGO recap of Thor The Dark World, made for the MCU in LEGO project.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe in LEGO
@Brickfilm Day
There was an idea... to bring together a group of remarkable animators: Lego Marvel Cinematic Universe is a new project led by the Brickfilm Day team to celebrate the release of Avengers: Infinity War

Rocket and Groot: A GotGV2 Parody
@Isaac The Animator
Just your average parody of everybody's favorites, Baby Groot and Rocket.

Quick Horse Animation
So...This isn't the best I've done. I just threw it together in an hour for an animation challenge on the Brick a Brack website. Check it out for yourself!

Horse | Animation Challenge
Made for the animation challenge at Bigger projects are in the making!

Houston Astros Stopmotion
Houston Astros stopmotion created by thefourmonkeys using OYO Sports minifigures.

LEGO CITY Stop Motion - Jungle Starter Set
Hi everybody ! This is my very first stop motion video, so if you have any advice, I'll be very happy to know. If you liked this video, give it a thumb up, and don't forget to subscribe for the upcomi

The Power of Sleep | ASMF Finalist *please vote*
@NYAJ Frame-ations
Please vote for my video for the People's Choice Award Scholarship ($250 I would use this money to upgrade my brickfilm setup, so please vote ;-) AASM Website: ============ My entry to the 2018 ASMF "

Qui-Gon vs. Darth Maul
@Isaac The Animator
Just an animation that I made to experiment with Lightsaber VFX. All effects were done in HitFilm Express 2017.

Lego Pirates Ship Battle
Lego ship battle between the pirates and the navy

Lego Batman #2 Joker and Poison Ivy
Brick film Lego Batman, joker, poison ivy New camera setup white balance Light 2x led 6 Watt WB: Blue 5, Magenta 8 Shutter speed 2" F 13-16 Iso 400 Please correct my setup friend Thank's for watching

Horse Gallop #2
@Isaac The Animator
This is my second horse gallop video, but this is for a challenge held by brick-a-brack.

The Day There's too Much Money
@Isaac The Animator
Yes... We all thought that day would never come... but it did. This is my entry for Brickalicious' contest, with a theme of money. Check them out and register here:

@ThunderStruck Productions
This boy played too much Minecraft...

Anakin vs Ventress LEGO Star Wars stop motion trailer (2003 clone wars TV show)
Hi Youtube we've excedded the 300 subscribers thanks to everyone here's my last stop motion i've done this this weekend i'll post the full fight in June since i'm workingto do the Chapter 6 of the Clo

Stuck inside ( 8x8x8 ) [EN]
@Let-malo film
The hero gets stuck in a small room. He doesn't know where he is and how he got here, but the only thing he knows is that he has to leave this room before it's filled of water. (I will upload the "mak

Voyager - An Entry to 8x8x8
The very short story of a ship on a long voyage. Animated in 24 hours for Brick á Brack's 8x8x8 contest. ---------- Links: Bricks In Motion: Twitter: Google+: Twitch: ---------- Here at Undershadow

Teleported (8x8x8)
Made in less then twenty four hours for T- 8x8x8...

Octo Island (WINNER OF THE 8x8x8 CONTEST)
@SuitedNinjaNerd Productions
Trapped on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere, a man finishes off his food supply. What keeps him alive after the fact? the answer may disturb you... This video was made in 2 days for the Bric

The Lego Elevator
Eight studs is not much space, but a lot of things could still happen.

Bird's Eye Heist (8*8*8)
Animated in an 8 by 8 by 8 cube, Bird's Eye Heist tells the story of the fleeing bankrobbers and the police chasing after them. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter:

Attack Of The Cord - Contest entry for the 8x8x8
@Simon Productions
This Is an entry for the 8x8x8 contest Sorry, this video is a little on the bad side. I was in a hurry and I had to film in daylight which is very bad. This was kind of for fun and a little bit of a

"Stop Him in the Lift" Brick á Brack 8x8x8 Entry
@LAF Productions
A terrorist bomber is going up a lift in a building in the city, and he's carrying dangerous TNT to blow up some V.I.Ps. An agent is sent to stop him.

8x8x8 2018: Duel of the Eighths
@Scorch Bricks
Brick a Bracks 8x8x8 contest 2018! Animation only in an 8x8x8 space! Lightsaber effects produced in hitfilm Music: "Hero In Peril" by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licen

8x8x8 Entry: LEGO Segway Chase.
@Amari Studios
This is my entry for the 2018 8x8x8 completion hosted by

Jungle Run
Deep in a primordial Jungle, our explorer loses his cool. Enjoy.

Power Down | 8x8x8 Entry
@NYAJ Frame-ations
George is stuck to his screen playing video games, and soon is literally SUCKED into his games and has to play in them...he battles through Tetris, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Minecraft, and Space I

Punk Rocker | for Brick a Brack's 8x8x8 Contest
@ThunderStruck Productions
An entry to 8x8x8, This guy rocked so hard he died.

8x8x8 Criminal Justice VR Systems
This is our entry into Brick à Brack's 8x8x8 contest.

Porg Dinner - Lego Star Wars
Are porgs tasty?! ► Twitter ♫ Music: ©Киностудия RenfefilM® 2018

Purple Amour (Made for Brick à Brack's 8x8x8 Contest)
@Jared Johnson
When words can't speak, music does. This was made for Brick à Brack's 8x8x8 contest! FOLLOW ME: Twitter: Instagram:

Journey Home - Brickfilm (entry to 8x8x8)
Brick-a-brack: Music by Kevin Macleod:

Kai VS Cole
@JustBrix BG
In this brickfilm you are gonna see the epic fight between the fire ninja and the earth ninja!

Star Wars the Clone War Story Chapter Five (a lego star wars stop motion)
Hi Everyone I've finally finished the work for this chapter, it will be the shortest of this stop motion serie ! The next one will be here on May the fourth ! hope you'll enjoy it like the previous ep

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MCU in LEGO if I'm allowed to vote for that haha

My vote goes to The Marvel Cinematic Universe in LEGO. I feel like it didn't get enough attention as it should have.

I vote for Voyager, by @Undershadow

My vote is for The Marvel Cinematic Universe in LEGO by @Brickfilm Day. Definitely a big collaboration, it was awesome to see it all come together!

Really loved Voyager - An Entry to 8x8x8 by @Undershadow & The Art Of Brickfilming by @LainieGoat!

But my vote goes to My Unluckyish Life- Episode 5: The Slippery Slope by @@SuitedNinjaNerd Productions

My vote is for The Marvel Cinematic Universe in LEGO by @Brickfilm Day. I have to say that such a huge collaboration deserves the honor.

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