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Alright everyone, it is that time of the year month again!

Ready to vote for the best brickfilm of March? You have until April 30, 2018 to cast your ballot, so please refer to the countdown timer below:


Remember, you can only vote for one brickfilm, published in March 2018. Please don't vote for yourself, that would be cheating. All eligible videos are presented below, so you don't have to scroll back through and try to find all the March ones. Remember, messages posted on this topic that are considered too off-topic by the moderators will be deleted.

Without further delay, here is the full list of brickfilms from the month of March. Good luck to all participants and happy voting!

Cray * Cray * Cray
@Chris Major
Instead of trying to explain this crazy brickfilm soup I made for Brick à Brack's 8*8*8 Contest, I'll instead share with you the alternate clickbaity titles my roommate and I came up with: "DJs Hate H

LEGO Spider-Man
LEGO Spider-Man battles the Green Goblin in a sprawling LEGO Mega City!!! Thousands of LEGO pieces come to life through stop-motion animation. Master builders unite to create a LEGO City that is 15 fe

LEGO Batman: Jurassic Brunch
@Atlas Animationz
Who knew that LEGO Batman dates back all the way to the Jurassic period? In this short and funny brickfilm, Zebra Man wants to steal some priceless jewels from a museum, but ends up being transported

Brick à Brack 8*8*8 [EN]
Come to participate at the 8*8*8 Contest of Brick à Brack! Music from :

Easter Special
Happy Easter! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks for watching! Leave a like, comment, and maybe even subscribe! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom Trailer #1 In LEGO
Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom Trailer #1 In LEGO. this took me 4 and a half months to make. Hope you guys enjoy! original video: small credit goes to shawarma studios, because he wanted to be cred

Oasis - Wonderwall Recreated in LEGO
Recreation celebrating 23 years of the original's release.

Lego Minecraft the First Night
@Zach Studios
Lego the First Night is a fun short film I made over the course of this week. Something new I added into the background of this video is clouds up in the sky. I thought it added a lot of realistic loo

Lego Speed Champions Car Test
@Chris Major
A quick little test I made with my brothers Oliver and Harry. We filmed two Lego Speed Champions cars in the hallway at 15 FPS in Dragonframe, with a total of 33 frames. Then we added a motion blur to

Finn vs Stormtrooper Battle Scene Stop Motion Traitor
@Box of Bricks
Behind the Scenes : What do you think about it?

Lego Ninjago A (N)ice Surprise ReBrick Film
@Ice Fox
The chase for the mask of vengeance has brought Zane and Mr E to the end of a road. As their bikes explode they fall into nowhere and suddenly land in the real world. The two enemies are confronted ag

Hulk's Birthday
Thanks everyone for 100 subs! I've never put so much work into one film ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CAST Lainie (Black Widow) Josh (Hulk) ~~~~~~~~~ Supermelty (Captain A.)

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Teaser Trailer In LEGO Stop Motion!
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Teaser Trailer In LEGO Stop Motion! full trailer (in LEGO) coming soon!!!!!

LEGO Pirates
Fighting over a treasure goes wrong when Jack Sparrow steals the show.

Scooby-Doo! - Curse of the Zombies Full Movie HD (Brickfilm Stop Motion Animation)
@That 70s Kid
► Enjoy all 4 episodes in this full movie of Curse of the Zombies ► Subscribe and join That 70's Kid and his Toys ► Dont forget to leave a Comment and hit that thumbs up….HAVE A GREAT DAY. So here is

Ketchup v Mustard: Dawn of Sauce (SHAC 2018)
When two very cocky sauces come into conflict, they must work together to solve their differences, or else the entire world will be obliterated. NOT GOOD.

Mission: Compromised
A spy goes on a mission and the mission gets compromised.

LEGO God's Plan
@SuitedNinjaNerd Productions
a qwik meem 4 u *HEADPHONE WARNING* Hi I'm SuitedNinjaNerd, I make funny, family-friendly LEGO Stop-motion Animations. Feel free to check out the other great videos I have to offer, and don't forget t

The Winterlympic Games (full cartoon)
The culmination of my Winterlympics project in which I released 17 clips, one each day throughout the duration of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Here is the final cartoon with all scenes edited together, a

Blue or Yellow? SHAC Entry
@Raptor Studios
A town decorator is tasked with the job of painting a city wall. To him, blue seems like the perfect color for the job. But when a bystander gets frustrated with his color selection, a conflict arises

Powerless - A SHAC 2018 Entry
Made in under 72 hours for SHAC 2018! A man is faced with a massive dilemma: What to do when the power goes out? Sound effects by, Kris Makuch and Alan VisTa

No Bargain - A Bricks in Motion SHAC 2018 Entry
@Chris Major
A lawyer under the pressure of an unforgiving case struggles with developing a defense for his client. Thank you for watching! This was my first attempt at a drama brickfilm as I usually do comedy ski

[SHAC] Pet Shop
Serry & Jill go to the pet shop to buy something big... or something small.

LEGO Batman Vs Robin Fight Club
@That 70s Kid
► Robin takes on Batman and kicks butt in this action hero cartoon stop motion animation. ► Subscribe and join That 70's Kid and his Toys ► Dont forget to leave a Comment and hit that thumbs up….HAVE

Lego PUBG 2
@Chalios Animations
After the success of the first Lego PUBG animation I made, here is a second one!

I will vote for LEGO Spider-Man by @DigitalWizards

Difficult... of course LEGO Spider-Man by @DigitalWizards looks awesome... A very Talented team put lots of effort in it..
@Caleb Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom Trailer #1 In LEGO looked awesome too but in a different way.. Nice Dino's..

Oasis @pjlegomotion ROCKS!!

The GREAT SHAC entries... Pet Shop @Arginnon, Mustard vs. Ketchup @pjlegomotion (you've noticed on which team I am ), Blue or Yellow @Raptor Studios (I have a script ready with a similar idea.. ) and especially No Bargain @chris_gbp Major -> Very good

@Ice Fox entry blends in seamlessly with the original... Great camerawork

@Box of Bricks also beautiful... appreciated the behind the scenes.. Not sure yet how to apply things but was very insightful (to me )

However I like a good laugh (or smile) the most and both Lego Pirates @BlackSmithFilms9522 and The Winterlympic Games (full cartoon) @thistof did that the most!!


My vote goes to The Winterlympic Games (full cartoon) @thistof -> Great parody, Funny, well scripted, Shows refined animating skills.... -> WOWWWW

Last edited by Brick Broadcasting (apr. 1, 2018 (09:03pm)).

My vote is for @chris_gbp and his Brickfilm Cray * Cray * Cray. I loved it.

Last edited by MBstudio (apr. 1, 2018 (11:58am)).

My vote goes to The Winterlympic Games by @thistof

So many great brickfilms this month! My vote goes to @Caleb and "Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom Trailer #1 In LEGO"!

@UndershadowSo many great brickfilms this month! My vote goes to @Caleb and "Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom Trailer #1 In LEGO"!
thank you so much! and my vote goes to LEGO pirates by @BlackSmithFilms9522

Last edited by Caleb (apr. 2, 2018 (03:00pm)).

My vote goes to "The Winterlympic Games" by @thistof

Last edited by Raptor Studios (apr. 2, 2018 (08:15pm)).

LEGO Spider-Man by @DigitalWizards for me

My vote goes to Lego Pirates by my man Raf! @BlackSmithFilms9522


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