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Hello everyone!

It is time to vote for the Best Brickfilm published in February !

You have until March 31, 2018 to vote, so please refer to the countdown timer:


Remember, you can only vote for a single brickfilm that was published in February 2018. Please don't vote for yourself, either. All eligible videos are presented below, so you don't have to scroll back through and try to find all the February ones. Remember, messages posted on this topic that are considered too off-topic by the moderators will be deleted.

Without further delay, here is the full list of Brickfilms from the month of February. Good luck to all participants and happy voting!

LEGO- The Birth Of Christ
Christ was born so that we may have Life and Life to the full! Praise God who has blessed me with the skill and know how to make this small video . Meant to be released of Christmas, but due to life w

Batman 1966 Television Series Opening Credits
@That 70s Kid
► The opening theme to the 1966 Batman Television Series► Subscribe and join That 70's Kid and his Toys ► Dont forget to leave a Comment and hit that thumbs up….HAVE A GREAT DAY.Here is my remake of t

Lego World War II Zombies: Unit 429
A lego brickfilm stop-motion, set in 1944 in China during the Second Sino-Japanese War, which became part of WWII. The story is about a Cantonese division from ''Red Sky'' a secret organization set up

Star Wars the Clone War Story Chapter Four (a lego star wars stop motion)
Hey everyone ! We've exceed the 200 subscribers that's amazing thanks to everybody for supporting my work ! I've finished the fourth chapter of my LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion series I hope you'll enjoy

Super Bowl 52 in StopMotion Action!
Enjoy all the scoring highlights from Super Bowl 52 in stopmotion.Created with OYO Sports minifigures. (We modified some of the minifigures by adding decals)

Riddles in the Dark
@Zach Studios
Here is my entry for the Lego Brick a Brack 8x8x8 challenge. It was quite a challenge but it turned out great!

LEGO Heroes for Hire
@Atlas Animationz
LEGO Heroes for Hire is a continuation of the events that happened in LEGO Moon Knight. Agent 13 sends Moon Knight after Taskmaster, with some help from Iron Fist and Luke Cage.Make sure to stay until

spaceman minifigure animation/cartoony animation test
I got my prize for winning the Brick-a-Brack animation challenge and decided to do an animation with it.

Lego Building a Cathedral | Teaser
On the occasion of the 950th anniversary of of the Imad Cathedral of Paderborn, we are rebuilding Paderborn's landmark out of many LEGO bricks.In our film, which was created in cooperation with the Ar

Lego Firing Line Army Training
A film made especially for The Firing Line Museum of the Welsh Soldier, Cardiff Castle.The video takes you through the basic army training, as shown in Lego.

Darth Vader Battle scene
@Box of Bricks
It's my first brickfilm with chromakey. What do you think about it?Thanks for watching!

LEGO Carries Cafe Episode 1: Robin Starts His First Day
@Amari Studios
My brand new brick film! Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed, Episode 2 Linklease subscribe!Thanks, Amari.

A Valentine's Day short
A guy gets his Valentine

LEGO® Ninjago™ - Valentine's Day !
@La Production Givrée
Hello everyone,And good Valentine's Day to all !!! Jay is long been in love with Nya. And she has always been hiding it !! Will they tell their love each other on this special day ??

You are a Star Wars geek! | Big Bang Theory
This is a very strange video about guys who are star wars geeks.© RenfefilM® 2018

Star Wars Scenes in LEGO - Brickfilm Day 2018
@Bricks & Pieces
Recreations of a couple of iconic Star Wars scenes using the LEGO Star Wars buildable figures, testing out a "Robot Chicken" style of animation.I apologise for the poor quality of the Obi-Wan shot - Y

LEGO Star Wars: Stormcleaners Episode 3
If you're an imperial soldier in the Star Wars universe then you're a Stormtrooper.If you're an imperial janitor well then you're a Stormcleaner....In this episode, we delve deeper into the relationsh

Me Me Big Boy in LEGO
@CheeseFace Productions
Recreation of the Jacksfilms video "he hung up on me"

The Winterlympic Games (daily series)
This is an ongoing project during the 2018 Olympic Games. Each day I am releasing a new clip, a different sport every day, and of course the opening and closing ceremonies. The playlist can be found h

The Adventures of Banana Guy
@Zach Studios
Alright, here is the video many have been waiting for.The Adventures of Banana Guy!!!!A huge thanks to Jared Johnson who voice acted the farmer for me!!

LEGO Star Wars - The Left Handed Sith
@CheeseFace Productions
Dexterous Jettserous Happy Brickfilm day!Brickfilm Day channel: day playlist:

X Fighters! S1 Remastered - Ninjago Island and the Veil of Darkness (LEGO Stop Motion)
After the summoning of the Skulkins by Garmadon, Team Shinobi must find the four Golden Weapons in order to establish peace on Ninjago Island. After seven months of hard work, this incredible animatio

LEGO The Great Bedroom Light Fight
@NYAJ Frame-ations
When the LEGO Brothers forget to turn off the lights before bed, neither of them want to get up and turn them off. Finally, they build a robot that will turn the lights off for them...or at least they

LEGO Star Wars: Stormcleaners Episode 3 (Official Trailer)
Watch the new teaser trailer for Stormcleaners Episode 3 (Partners In Grime) on little screens everywhere February 13th.If you're an imperial soldier in the Star Wars universe then you're a Stormtroop

Why Fandoms Are Horrible
'Why Fandoms Are Horrible' is a stop-motion animated short film made almost entirely with LEGO bricks. Its creator is a talentless hack with absolutely no artistic integrity and doesn't feel like maki

A Lego Star Wars VFX Demonstration
This short Brickfilm is a demonstration of visual effects. I've made it in order to use Hitfilm Express.

My Unluckyish Life- Episode 4: The Boulder Blockade
@SuitedNinjaNerd Productions
As he is out for a nice drive, Alex comes across a not-so-nice boulder, preventing him from advancing further. Hopefully something in the back trunk of his car can help him out from between a rock and

LEGO crab test
@Amari Studios
Please watch till the end.Subscribe for more stuff.

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LEGO - The Birth of Christ by @BlackSmithFilms9522

My first Lego stop-motion movie by @Magek Studio. He did try.

LEGO- The Birth of Christ by @BlackSmithFilms9522

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