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Hello everyone!

It is time to vote for the Best Brickfilm published in January !

You have until February 28, 2018 to vote, so please refer to the countdown timer:


Remember, you can only vote for a singlebrickfilm that was published in January 2018. Please don't vote for yourself, either. All eligible videos are presented below, so you don't have to scroll back through and try to find all the January ones. Unlike me, who started doing that until the one and only Maxou showed me a better way to do it. Remember, messages posted on this topic that are considered too off-topic by the moderators will be deleted.

Without further delay, here is the full list of Brickfilms from the month of January. Good luck to all participants and happy voting!
Road Rescue
@Brick Broadcasting
Car trouble.... Who are you gonna call??? .... Road Rescue!!Wish it was that simple!!

LEGO Stranger Things - brickfilm
@Gabby BrickFilms
A Stranger Things' brickfilm :A love letter to the supernatural classics of the 80's, Stranger Things is the story of a young boy who vanishes into thin air. As friends, family and local police search

Lego Star Wars - Kylo Ren vs Finn
The scene from Star Wars: The Force Awakens in which Kylo Ren is fighting against Finn.

Destruction of the Space Skeletons
@Zach Studios
New From Zach StudiosThis video was made for the Bricks in Motion Fifteenth Twenty Four Hour Animation Contest (THAC) 2018.The Color Mod Elements were white and Green so I used a space suit that is wh

@Zach Studios
Just practicing with a Pagano puppet.New From Zach Studios

The Future of Mankind - THACXV
@Goblin Animations
This video was made in 24 hours for BIM's THAC XV... so excuse the- er- THACiness of the video.Bricks in Motion:

Lego LOTR in 70 seconds
@Zach Studios
The Lego LOTR in 70 seconds is what happened in there adventure (them being the Hobbits) in just under 70 secondsAnother film by Zach Studios

Ice Fishing
@Raptor Studios
It looks like it is going to be another beautiful day for fishing on the ice!

The Legend of Paulus: A Tunnel in Time Chapter 1
@Goblin Animations
Warning, this video contains: small amounts violence, references to drugs and some low tier swear words. The first part of a 3 part series, Paulus (Skinny Zach Films) and his slaves (Gold Brick Produc

Knight and Ninja Fight the Alien Alliance
@SuitedNinjaNerd Productions
As aliens attack their city, a scientist uses a time machine to enlist the help of some famous figures from history! Trust me he explains in much better in the video, so just give it a watch!This vide

dinosaur chase scene
a guy is chased by a dinosaur after steeling one of it's eggs.

Lego Vader's biggest Christmas wish
Darth Vader want to be a part of the new Star Wars trilogy, so he asked it for Christmas... Will Santa reward him ?

A short naval battle

Brick City Cops - THAC XV
@Jared Johnson
An unlikely partner helps Kauffman, a Brick City detective, solve the biggest crime of the week. This was made for BricksinMotion's Twenty-four hour animation contest, or THAC. I am very tired. STARRI

Worth Fighting For
The world ruled by Throwbots is upended by An Unlikely Alliance in this THAC XV participation film.

(Not so) Scary Mary
@Brick Broadcasting
Mary is planning a good (old fashioned?) Scare!! Will she succeed??

A Cat and Mouse Game
My failed THACXV entry. Mr Snuffles rules the streets and no cat dares to face him. However, his title of King of the Streets is threatened, when a tough dog comes to town. What will he do to stop him

One Shot - THAC XV
@Bricks & Pieces
A captured secret agent must team up with an undercover spy in order to prevent an nuclear missile from destroying southeast England.Made in under 24 hours for THAC:

Corn Season - A THAC XV Entry
@The Tenacious Brick
The corn-iest brick film to be made in under 24 hours!

Caffeine Crisis - A Bricks in Motion THAC XV Entry
@Chris Major
The ultimate showdown you've never been waiting for - Captain Existential versus Valley Girl. This was made for the Bricks in Motion Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest, meaning that whatever happens i

Love and Hate (THAC XV)
A man looking for help, goes to a priest.Main Character voiced by: starwarsstudio100Priest voiced by: AndyAngry man voiced by: Sir Snorlax

The Super Secret Spy (THAC XV Entry)
Synopsis: A Super Secret Spy, and his mission to stop all evil!Other Super Important Notes: This video was one of the hardest I've ever made, it was all animated in a six-hour period, at a hotel. I kn

Whale, Whale, Whale
A brickfilm made in 24 hours for THAC XV. The theme was "An Unlikely Alliance."

Allies of the Skies (XV)
@NYAJ Frame-ations
My entry to the THAC contest. this is the fifteenth annual THAC contest and this is my first time participating in it. The theme this year was 'Unlikely Alliance.'

Wrylus McBurpen Makes Dynamite Soup [THAC XV]
Wrylus McBurpen and his new assistant Spenny start making some dynamite soup, but then they have a little dispute.Thanks to Harrison Allen for voice acting as Spenny!This was made in 24 hours for THAC

A Chickken and A Dinosaur (THAC XV entry)
A dinosaur teams up with a chicken and together they sneak into the diner and eat until they're sick.

FIRETEAM Saturn - Prologue
Say what you think about it !

Late to the Party (New years special)
Happy new year! I know it's kinda late, but who cares. If you didn't get the joke in this one, that's okay. it was pretty subtle, but the old guy at the end, says "2017 is here" instead of 2018, so he

Failed LEGO Resolutions
@NYAJ Frame-ations
Its New Years Eve and the LEGO people have to make a resolution for the coming year. Many attempt to keep their resolution, but only one can succeed. Hope you enjoyed, and thanks for watching!

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Do you vote by replying on this thread?

If so, my vote is for Whale, Whale, Whale by rioforce.

@thefourmonkeysDo you vote by replying on this thread?
Yeah, this is the right place.

I vote for Whale, whale, whale to @rioforce. My favorite for the THAC competition.

My vote goes to The billionth meeting of Theo Hemera and Thomas Nyx.

Corn Season @The Tenacious Brick gets my vote!! Just GREAT!!

Whale Whale Whale by @rioforce


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