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There had to be a form started about this sooner or later.

I'm here to talk about the next two Wanner Brother's Lego films, The Lego Movie Sequal (Or The Lego Movie 2) and The Billion Brick Race. If my sources are correct, the two films will be released next year. I think the strategy is similar to The Lego Batman Movie, and The Lego Ninjago Movie. The Lego Movie Sequal will be released in the winter/spring time, and The Billion Brick Race summer/fall.

I don't know everything about either of the two films, so it's your job to fill me in.

It’s going to be for 2019!
It looks very fun!
What lego heroes will you looking forward to find back in this movie?

I’m super looking forward to the return of Benny!
Anyway, here’s my 2 cents about the trailer: (Copied & pasted from what I wrote on BiM)
Stuff I liked:
- The post apocalyptic version of bricksburg. (I think it’s pretty cool.)
- The fact that everyone has changed except Emmet. (2 reasons: The new character designs are interesting, and Emmet is a really interesting contrast to everyone else.)
- Emmet’s optimism here is very entertaining and hillarious and heartwarming all at the same time.
- A new version of everything is awesome.
- The turn signal gag. (That was just genius IMO.)
- Sewer babies. (WHat the heck are sewer babies? IDK but I love them!)
Stuff I didn’t like:
- All this stuff about the “hapless male.” Emmet proved himself a worthy master builder in the last movie.
- The sistar system, but I think this’ll grow on me as new trailers are released.
- Batman, unikitty, metalbeard, and Benny all oohing in unison. They all have distinct personalities and wouldn’t realistically do something like that. I get that it’s for a gag, but it’s not that funny of a gag anyways.
- We don’t see returning characters besides Emmet/Lucy say any dialogue.
- Vitruvius is nowhere to be seen, even in his ghost form.

seems the Billion Brick Race might be delayed more, no recent news regarding a new director.


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