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Congratulations to @Caleb for winning first place. The jury was unanimous on the excellent animation quality of his brickfilm. He was able to accurately convey the dynamism and tension of a pursuit race.

He joins the list of winners tied with @LainieGoat with one win each.

Are they going to play each other for the next game? Do not hesitate to choose yourself the next theme of this animation challenge. There is a big debate between a scene of fighting, climbing or sculpting something.

Congratulations to the challenge winners! Let's keep going and keep animating!

I would like to suggest a fighting animation challenge, I may partake in this one as well

thank you to the judges for taking the time to judge this challenge.

yes, a fighting animation challenge would be very fun! I would love to see what everyone would do for it. I already have an idea for mine if that becomes the theme

Our moderators in particular @chris_gbp, @Pongowl and @SuitedNinjaNerd Productions did most of the jury work. I forgot the details of the ranking (although everyone suspects it)

French version :
1- @Clic
2- @Sylvain
3- @Darkatole
4- @Gwen Movies
5- @brickprod
6- @Volrog
7- @La main jaune

English version :
1- @Caleb
2- @Zach Studios

Soon, another Challenge! Be ready!

Ready!! Am checking this thread daily for a new challenge...
Like the idea a lot...

Super excited for the next contest, anyone know the date of it?

On the french part of BàB we are talking about the next challenge, we think "animate an horse" could be a good challenge, what do you think?

The challenge will be launch this wednesday, be ready

That's definitely a challenge... the threshold for participation seems high to me... you'd have to make a horse out of bricks... carrots maybe..


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