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It is time to vote for the best brickfilm published in December !

You have until January 31, 2017 to vote, so you have left:


Only vote for a singlebrickfilm that was published in December 2017. Don't vote for yourself. Eligible videos are presented below. Messages posted on this topic that are considered too off-topic by the moderators will be deleted.

Without further delay here is the list of Brickfilms of the month of December:
Hollow Earth 3
@Funmi productions
The end of the Hollow Earth saga. The Xerans have launched their doomsday device that will suck the earth’s core and save their dying planet of Xeras, causing Earth to become Hollow, destroying it. Th

EPILEPSY WARNING -- Content is not suitable for a young audienceA man finds himself alone. What to do?

Valley Girl In Space
@Chris Major
Like, totally grab that non-fat low-sugar latte, literally don't even right now, and, like, watch this video. But totes post a selfie while you do it. You're, like, totally in space, gurl. That is pro

Preemptive Christmas Tree - My Part in A Brickfilm Christmas
@Chris Major
There are okay times to decorate Christmas trees and there are not okay times to decorate Christmas tree - and there's an unforgiving margin of error. Made for the Bricks in Motion "A Brickfilm Christ

Kylo Ren
@Imperial BrickFilm
This brickfilm is about Kylo Ren.

Beatupbricksproductions 2017 animation reel
Beatupbricksproductions 2017 animation reel. looking foward to the next year of animating

Fate or misfortune ?English subtitles available.

Kylo Ren
@Imperial BrickFilm
This is story about Kylo Ren.

RegularLife #2
@JustBrix BG
In the day before Christmas Brady realize that he forgot to buy a present for him uncle. He buys an expensive car for him uncle and on Christmas he shows the car, but there is one problem... him uncle

LEGO Star Wars: Lando's Deal
@Ant Bandit
The galaxy's most charming rogue faces a deal gone sour, can he make it out alive?

Happy Holidays!
This was the opening sequence for what was meant to be a short Lego Christmas film, not knowing any better I begin filming rather close to the holiday, then things got busy at work and I did not finis

An Imperial Christmas
@Lunatic Productions
Darth Vader's one job this Holiday Season is to deliver the Emperor's Christmas present safely to Coruscant. Will he succeed without the Rebels interfering?

A DudeBrick Christmas (2017)
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

A Yule Tale
Après avoir rencontré le Roi de l'Hiver, une petite fille doit retrouver les fruits volés au Grand Sapin, Seigneur des Forêts.

Riddles for the Gift [A Brickfilm Christmas]
What if you got the same present every single christmas?

Oh Christmas Tree, How BadlyPutTogether Your Branches
Two brothers attempt to put together a Christmas tree last minute...

The Great Christmas Tree Conundrum
This will be my entry to the "Decorate The Christmas Tree" contest. Best luck to all who enter.

The Awesome Weight Loss Program
So, I was going to wait until I got my YouTube channel up before I posted this film. But Christmas is in two days. So Here it is! you can find this short film in A Brickfilm Christmas

A Christmas Brickfilm
Actually the project page of an upcoming Brickfilm of Christmas for the Challenge of BaB and for the Brickboard contest.

Lego World War 2: The Little Match Girl (2017)
Yet another Lego brick film animation. This time it is some sort of an adaptation based on the Little Match Girl, a short story written by Hans Christian Andersen but with some minor differences. Cons

Dagon is a brickfilm based on H.P Lovecraft's short story 'Dagon' about a seaman during the First World War and his encounter with the sea creatures in an unknown island.

How to Not Offend People at Christmas
Has political correctness finally GONE TOO FAR??? 😨😨😨 -------- Made for "A Brickfilm Christmas" brickfilming community collaboration project! Check out the full movie here:

A Brickfilm Christmas
What if you had to spend Christmas Eve with strangers? Some stranger than others.A Christmas themed collaboration with scenes from over twenty brickfilmers and teams in Europe, UK, and US.

Bricks-A-Million Commercial
Ok... we all make mistakes. Perhaps you forget to buy your child that one present that you've been meaning to get him for 8 years; or maybe your mother reminded you that your Uncle Bert has been askin

The Interview
A man arrives for a job interview at a strange company...

A Brickfilm Christmas | Official Trailer
@NYAJ Frame-ations
The official trailer for the Collaborative BiM Half Hour Christmas Special! ============================**Release Date: December 17th**============================The brickfilmers from bricksinmotion.

Noëlica: The Christmas Drug
@NYAJ Frame-ations
This is a short comedic commercial made for the Bricks In Motion Half Hour Christmas Special Collaboration.===========Official Trailer: Date: December 17thHope you enjoyed!

Resident Brick
Film with my new Sony camera, the first part was a bit of a mess because i didn't have my tripod. I hope you will enjoy this brickfilm. It is a mix of lovecraftian horror and Metropolis (1927). I want

The Avengers episode 7 brain washed pt.2
The Avengers escape the hydra base! Then they end ultron once and for all!Music by ender guney and ross Budgen.Ross Budgen: guney: the full series on a playlist on my YouTube channel!YouTube channel:

LEGO The Avengers episode 6 pt 1
The Avengers stop Ultron once and for all!I do not own any of the music in my video! All of it goes to its original creators.Watch the entire series in a playlist on YouTube!Youtube channel:

Me!?(Short Brickfilm)
Very short little Brickfilm.

The Ninja
A young adult puts on a ninja costume to fight crime

Lego Ninjago Movie ATM heist
@Ice Fox
Two badguys from the evil Lord Garmadon try to rob an ATM machine. Can Lloyd defeat them and save the day? BTS Info: This video was originally going to be a short test animation for trying out 12fps a

ASDF Movie 7
@Stop-Motion Studio HD
UHD Animation 60 fps Scene from ASDF MOVIE 7 made in LEGO

First video of series
first video of a series

The Begger - Lego Brickfilm
this film was inspired by my brother. alot like swimming as a lego minifigure.

A Christmas Dog
Part of 'A Brickfilm Christmas' - A massive brickfilm collaboration in the style of a classic Christmas Special. The Full video is due to be released on Sunday the 17th of December on TofAnimation's Y

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I'm going to vote for A Brickfilm Christmas though Star Wars: Lando's Deal was a very close second.

My vote is for @MaxHartshorneFilms and his Brickfilm The Interview !

I will be voting for Star Wars: Lando's Deal

My vote goes to A Brickfilm Christmas because of the sheer time put into it by so many different creators from all over.

However, Lando's Deal is a very very close second.

I'm voting for A Brickfilm Christmas by @thistof . It's a huge project and a brickfilming milestone, as well as a very entertaining film in its own.

Last edited by Arginnon (jan. 3, 2018 (03:58pm)).

I vote for Bricks-a-Million by Wammy!

I vote for How to Not Offend People at Christmas by rioforce!

Last edited by Wammy (jan. 3, 2018 (06:11pm)).

I vote for Bricks-a-Million by Wammy!!!

Last edited by Pongowl (jan. 3, 2018 (06:40pm)).

A Brickfilm Christmas by @thistof for me


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