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A little bit late, but here it is, the new vote!

The Bandit Who Stole Christmas Brickfilm || Part One
This is an adaption of the original Grinch, in brickfilm and western format. Sadly I couldn't finish the full movie in time for brickstars2019 so I am just putting out part one.

Mental Cuisine
@Nick Douglas
Stuck in an endless routine, a popular chef must re-discover the joy in his work.

Zombies Horror Movie (Mega Bloks)
2 soldats pénètrent au sein du laboratoire abandonné UMBRELLA, ils n'y trouveront que folie et horreur. Ambiances inspirées par Resident Evil, Fallout, Incident 74. ♫ Musique(s) : 1) juggernog song (C

The Rise of Lego Batman OFFICIAL
@Jordys Bricks
Hey guys here is my new Lego film - The Rise of Lego Batman! I am a huge fan of Batman; so I decided to make an original Lego Batman film! This brickfilm shows Lego Batman against his greatest enemy -

@Silleck Family Productions
THE FACE ON THE BARROOM FLOOR is a classic story from Nelson Algren, who wrote about the lives of the post–World War II Chicago working class – down-on-their luck, hardscrabble survivors, rumdums and

Tha Cliff (Enhanced Edition)
@JO Co
Many come to Tha Cliff in search of a fabled prize... None return. Inspired by xefpatterson's classic 'Tha Cliff' flash animations but with a bit of extra insanity to spice things up. This is the enh

A new vote!

Herbert's Fantastic Dance Party Spectacular
Made in 45 minutes for THAC XVII. Enjoy

Experiment 42
@Nick Douglas
In a mysterious laboratory, a conscious experiment must decide whether to follow protocol or carve its own path. My entry to THAC XVII. The theme was Opportunity.

Opportunity/ BrickHario / THAC XVII/ Brickfilm – Lego Animation/ English
My entry for THAC XVII! Everything here is made in 24 hours! Watch to see what is possible in that short time! Like and subscribe for more! More Videos! Instagram: Facebook:

The Astronaut (THAC 2020)
@Joshua Nelson
A young man gets the opportunity of a lifetime to fulfill his childhood dreams, but it may cost him the life he already had. Music used: Original Song:

Dr. Scar Returns - THAC Entry 2020
Made in 24 hours Jared as Narrator: Trevor as Hans: Chris as Jake Storm: __________________________________________________________________ 2nd Channel: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:

Rex Thunderstruck and the Troublesome Treasure (THAC XVII)
@Chris Major
The legendary Rex Thunderstruck (and assistants Don Juanson and Dixie the dog) prepare to raid a Pharaoh's tomb in search of treasure! Made in under 24 hours for THAC XVII - the 17th Twenty-Four Hour

Magical Chicken
@Aneli Defanif
Made for THAC XVII contest. Sound effects from Soundscrate, and Soundbible.

LEGO's Got Talent (THAC XVII) (Clickbait)
@Ozone Studios
This is probably clickbait. Host voiced by Guss Griswold Discord: #LEGO

Opportunity's Opportunity. (THAC 2020)
Made in 4 hours for THAC XVII RioForce: Feinstein:

Six Strings (THAC 2020 Entry)
@Zach Studios
Here is my THAC 2020 (Twenty Four Hour Animation Contest) (held by submission. This film was scripted, story boarded, shot, and edited all in a 24 hour time frame. One of the mod e

Gumbo Day Day of Gumbo [THAC XVII]
Entry to THAC XVII. Figg Goldwringer gotta make da gumbo for da gubnor!!1! Gee, orange you glad it blue over?

Brick Bar Brawl (THAC XVII)
@JO Co
When Johnny Thunder leaves the Explorer bar without paying, Chris Tell has to deal with the heated aftermath... Made for THAC XVII, the 2020 edition of the Twenty Four Hour Animation Contest, hosted b

Nostalgia (THAC XVII)
An aging gentleman receives the opportunity to relive his past. Made in under 24 hours for the 17th annual 'Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest' over at Bricks in Motion, the theme this year being 'Opp

Anrufung - THAC XVII
What happens, when stars and planets align in a special event, where the power-lines flow through the precious air of the Brick-Planet? Some whitches may take this opportunity to do some great magic.

LEGO: Adventures of the Nekkid Firefighter: Episode I: The Phantom Opportunity (THACMMXX)
Yet another lego brickfilm stop-motion about a firefighter and a pumpkin police officer that are trying to take the oppertunity to uncover the greatest mystery. Follow the unepic adventure of the pump

I vote for Nostalgia (THAC XVII) by the @the2awesomeguys

my vote goes to Nostalgia by @the2awesomeguys

Nostalgia (THAC XVII) by @the2awesomeguys

I Vote for
LEGO's Got Talent (THAC XVII) (Clickbait)
@Ozone Studios

time to vote for the brickfilm of the week!!!

Mini Bar. The Seventh Episode.
@Ferrara Entertainment
Jimmy gets a surprise from the lounge, Russ explains his Christmas present mishap to Angie.

Dog Gets Drafted for WWIII
@Ozone Studios
Dog Gets Drafted for WWIII. Can we get an F in the comments? Voice of person at desk Discord: #draft #WWIII #iran

Star Wars the Clone War Story Chapter Fourteen (LEGO Star Wars stop motion)
@Blackbird William
Hey everyone ! After 1 Month of hard work, I've Finally finished the Fourteenth chapter of my LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion series I hope you'll enjoy it like the previous episode ! More than 3000 pictu

Animation - Pirate from Corellia
My vision of the chase scene from the film Solo: A Star Wars Story. ©Киностудия RenfefilM® 2020

A rather important announcement
@Aidan VanHorn
A big announcement. Nardolen Productions: Nardolen Productions (youtube)

Well, there is strong competition, especially with a certain dog, but in the end "Animation - Pirate from Corellia" by @RenfefilM_st gets my vote for it's amazing effects and hooking you into the scene even if you don't know the film.

Gotta go with Dog Gets Drafted for WWIII

I agree with Yetgo. Animation - Pirate from Corellia". That shot that starts at 0:31 is SPECTACULAR


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