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Going to be sticking with the classic series. I vote for "Dog 7" by Ozone

I vote for @IceFox and his beautiful Magic!

I'm voting for "Magic" by @Ice Fox!

I am voting for @Ice Fox Magic!

New Vote!

Snake Attack Trailer
This video is about Snake Attack

Raidin the 51rst Area
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
Premieres on august 17th. Because the everyone is obsesed with area 51 all of the sudden . Music from ProductionCrate.

People for the ethical treatment of vegetables (Wave Of Brickfilms)
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
This is an entry to minideliscouspant's Wave Of Brickfilms contest. The audio is kind of bad so you might want to turn on the CC

A One Minute Star wars Story #2
With This Video i did every week a stopmotchen Film for a Month! Now I go on Vacation I also need a new Star Wars Set, I used this one twice now and it's getting old... So letzt see what the Future wi

Pizza delivery
A person wants a pizza. What should he do?

O Sole Mio - LEGO Animation
@Feinstein Films
I started this film over two years ago, but moved on to other projects midway through. I had some free time this summer, so I picked it up again and managed to wrap up production. The music is a TBB a

It's a dang test do not kill me if you hate it ok ppl, gosh. Like and subscribe for more *daily content* btw guys this is 24fps Instagram: minideliciouspant Subscribe to my roblox channel for flamgo v

IT The Evil Clown
A lonely man wants to celebrate his birthday, but suddenly the bell rings. Being annoyed he thinks: "Who could be visiting at so late an hour on my birthday!"

Escape - A Lego Star Wars Fanfilm Trailer 2
#SummerContest2019 My brickfilm this trailer was made for:

The Big Race preview
It is a preview of The Big Race

Lego Arcade (stop motion)
@Half Bricked
Not your average visit too the arcade! This isn’t YouTube so I’d love to hear an actual opinion to grow as an artist, I do hope everyone enjoys tho!🙂

Skateboarding Fail
Can the skateboarder get on his skateboard?

By far @minideliciouspant test.mp4! Jk I am voting for @Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms People for the ethical treatment of vegetables (Wave of Brickfilms)

I vote for O Sole Mio - LEGO Animation
@Feinstein Films

My vote goes to O Sole Mio by @Feinstein Films.

I vote for O Sole Mio.

Definitely O Sole Mio by @Feinstein Films !

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