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It's friday, let's vote again!

LEGO Time Cruisers: Origins Preview Clip
Preview clip from upcoming ambitious project, Time Cruisers: Origins, based on the LEGO theme of the same name. Clip title: "Planet of the Creators". Starring: TofAnimation, AKA Thistof. Made for #Sum

My entry to the second part of Brick a Bracks summer contest. I had fun experimenting with colored lighting on this one! SFX from

LEGO Hazard
I hope you enjoy this film I made. Thank you and have a nice day!

Lego The Beatles - She Loves You (Live TV Concert)
@Loponcio Films
The Beatles in Lego version performing one of their best songs, "She Loves You"!

The Fortune Cookie | Brickfilm
The victim of a fortune cookie happens to have one of the worst "fortune's" ever... Music used: Instagram: minideliciouspant (Follow for giveaways and face reveals! Just kidding!) #minideliciouspant

LEGO Moon Madness
A little short we created for Brick-a-Brack's Summer Contest 2019.

The Theif || Summer Contest
This is an entry to Brick-a-Brack's summer contest. The movie has to be one long un-edited shot. I hope you enjoy! Please like, subscribe, and share.

"Flip" Brickfilm Day: Round 2
This is my entry to the second round of the Brickfilm Day tournament! I am so grateful to have made it into the second round! Instagram: minideliciouspant (Follow me for free shoutouts! Just kidding!

What a hard week again! Hard to decide between all those nice films, but I think I'm going with "LEGO Moon Madness" by @thefourmonkeys. Great character design, a lot going on, and amazing transitions with very good camera movements!

LEGO Time Cruisers: Origins Preview Clip gets my vote.

minideliciouspantThis post has been deleted by son auteur (Reason: None).

I vote for Lego_Rock_Monster_Animation.Test!

My vote goes to The Theif by @PlasticPointProductions.

I vote for Lego Moon Madness by @thefourmonkeys

New week, new vote!

Magic - Brickfilm Day Summer Contest 2019 | Round 3 (Extended Version)
@Dragon Brick Studios
This is an extended version of my entry into the third and final round of the Brickfilm Day Summer Contest for 2019. The reason for this is because the maximum length that you're allowed in the contes

Magic - Brickfilm Day Summer Contest 2019 | Round 3 (Actual Entry)
@Dragon Brick Studios
This is my entry into the third and final round of the Brickfilm Day Summer Contest for 2019. There are a total of three rounds, where the top 50% of contenders progress through to the next round. I a

[4K] A one minute Star Wars Story #1
Trying out new Things, please tell me how you like it (It's amazing, for just 30 seconds screen time i need the same amount of editing time like for 4 Minutes of normal Brickfilm with dialogs... -_-)

The Nightmare I Can't Escape (3D CGI Animation)
My brain tries to convince itself I don't actually exist. Animated completely in Blender 2.8!

Lego BTTF "88 Miles per hour" (Stop Motion)
Saturday, October 26, 1985, Parking of theTwin Pine Mall, 1h18. Dr. Emmett Brown with his dog Einstein and, of course Maty McFly, will test the fruit of 30 Years of Work, a Time Machine made with a De

@Ice Fox
A short Lego Stop Motion Animation made for the third (and final) round of the Brickfilmday Summer Animation Contest. Theme: "MAGIC" Note: The "magic lightning"-effect was done 100% in camera

No need for a rake (Final round entry)
Brick film day entry. Animated at 20 fps rather than 15!

pan - A One Take Brickfilm || Summer Contest 2019
Fractions from many different lives packed together through their, partly coincidental, intermingling nature. This film was made in only one take for challenge 2 of the Brick a Brack Summer Contest. H

Wait, a new brickfilm might actually be coming to Buffalo Brickfilms soon?
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
Yep, we actually might have a brickfilm to upload sometime soon...hopefully. During the summer we're at a location where we can't animate, so that is why we haven't uploaded any brickfilms for quite s

Dog 7
@Ozone Studios
Yer spinning weirdo is back.😉 - Community Discord:

Dreams #1
@Aneli Defanif
An entry to Brick a Brak Summer Contest. It is an animation on the reflection of things we fear in our minds.

My vote goes to "PAN" by @Yetgo.

It's definitely going to have to be @Ice Fox 's "Magic" for me!


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