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Also Guardians of the Galaxy: Ain't No Thing Like Me by @Arginnon

Thank you for the vote, guys! It means a lot!

My vote goes to Bob and Randy - The Freebaker Rescue (Episode 4) by @Chris Major

I'm voting for Bob and Randy Episode 4: The Freebaker Rescue.

Lego The Excorcist - Stop Motion Animation
A remake of some of the events in the move The Exorcist.

Brickfilm Avenger Endgame Review.
This is my Review Of Avengers EndGame, but of course, with a bit of Legos Involved.

The Rise Of Skywalker teaser trailer in LEGO!
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
The Rise Of Skywalker teaser trailer in LEGO! I don't know about you but I'm pretty exited about this movie so obviously I recreated it in LEGO. Hope you enjoy, and may the 4th by with you!

The Battle of Raxus Prime LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion Clip HD
@Blackbird William
May the Fourth be with you ! Here's a special video for this Star Wars day ! This video is a compilation of the action scenes on Raxus Prime from Star Wars the Clone War Story Chapter 5 & 6 but this

The Battle of Raxus Prime gets my vote!

Wow, there weren't very many brickfilms at all this week. Anyway, I vote for The Battle of Raxus Prime.

The Battle of Raxus Prime LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion Clip HD by @Blackbirdmotionsutdios

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@Brick BroadcastingThe Battle of Raxus Prime LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion Clip HD by @Blackbirdmotionsutdios

Same here, but I also really liked the Rise of Skywalker trailer

New vote !

Avengers' Endgame: Hulk Vs Thanos | Brickfilm
There are NO spoilers in this video, I had to delete the first upload due to a spelling error. Enjoy! Music: Instagram: minideliciouspant Twitter: Ethan@minideliciouspant Fund my project: #minidelic

Collapse Kapitel 7: Die Schlacht von Jakku
Das letzte Kapitel vom Brickfilm Star Wars Collapse. Die Übermacht der Neuen Republik greift die letzten Überreste des Galaktischen Imperiums auf Jakku an. Mittendrin sind Cole, Tek und Aver, deren St

[2019] Official Pilgrim's Progress Brickfilm Part One
Part one of my brick film series 'Pilgrims Progress'. In this episode, Christian leaves home with his friend Pliable. They fall into the Swamp of Despondency, and Pliable leaves Christian to his troub

Hard to decide... But I would say Collapse. Such a great ending of a great series.


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