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LEGO Minecraft The End Battle Stop Motion Animation Movies 2019 - LEGO Set Brickfilms Compilation!
Here it is folks, Recently, A few animators were asked to make videos for LEGO Minecraft to promote their new Minecraft sets. it was a ton of fun and we all learned something in the processes. this vi

Welcome to Buffalo Brickfilms!
@Aidan-Buffalo Brickfilms
Welcome to Buffalo Brickfilms! Formerly LegoBros World. Orion by Serge Narcissoff | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

Return to the Surface (SHAC 2)
@2x4 Productions
A group of researchers, scuba divers, and a government guy with an afro investigate sea weed. They are attacked and must return to the surface to escape the sea monster.

@Future Past Productions
Thanks for watching everyone! This is my first year entering SHAC and it was a ton of fun. I would've liked to have had more sound effects besides just the mod sound, but I ran out of time unfortunate

Trapped Below the Surface | SHAC 2
@Last Brick Productions
(Sorry about the bad ending) Made in seventy two hours for SHAC 2 2019 A submarine crew trying two make it to the surface, sinks due to a leak.

Getting to the surface (SHAC 2019)
@Cloudy VS
This is my entry to SHAC2. I hope that you enjoyed my it. I got the idea while playing Minecraft, and then I remembered that I have a few Lego Minecraft sets. What a coincidence.

Gestrandet - SHAC II
Made for SHAC 2019. A quite tough guy is stranded on a lonely island. Even though he is alone, he seems to have fun and enjoys himself. But does he really? Find out!

lucid (SHACII Entry)
@Joshua Nelson
A boy has a lucid dream where he brings his toys to life. However, he is not the only conscious being in control, as something from within him begins to surface.

A Strange Day at the Beach
@Raptor Studios
It looks like a perfect day to go swimming! Almost nothing could prevent a great afternoon of fun and the sun.....or could there? Made for SHAC 2019 aka Seventy-Two Hour Animation Contest. Music By Ke

SHAC 2019: shaQuest for the surface
My entry to SHAC 2019. Hope you enjoy! Music used:

@Jonathan Theaters
anyone like lego? anyone like mario?

Collapse Kapitel 5: Datenklau
Kapitel 5 des Lego Star Wars Brickfilms "Collapse": Der Deserteur Aver Tukin ist noch immer auf der Suche nach imperialen Daten, die er der Neuen Republik zukommen lassen will. Cole und Frazer versuch

Athlete Swinging a Pick in LEGO
@Ice Fox
Eadweard Muybridge released his three minute masterpiece "Athlete Swinging a Pick" in 1881. 138 years later I recreated it in LEGO. After the 20th time it gets very meditative... A true masterpiece of

LEGO Test (Lego Stop Motion Animation / Brickfilm)
Welcome to Brick Experience!! • We’ve all been there! Yup.. That’s right, ITS A TEST!! Check out how this kid did on the day he did his test!

@YetgoThis week was hard again, a lot of Shac films, a lot of great films, a lot of great shac films...

I would go with "Athlete swinging a pick", but sorry @Ice Fox.
COLLAPSE CHAPTER 5 by @Brickstorming IS AN ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE! It has some of the best scenes I ever saw in a brickfilm. It is heartwarming, exciting and very well made.

Go watch it if you haven't, there are english subtitles automatically created.
(My vote goes to collapse, if the former did not spoke for itself)

Last edited by YanleJedi (mar. 16, 2019 (02:16am)).

I vote for @Future Past Productions SURFACE SHAC 2! The animation is amazing!

My vote goes to LEGO MARIO @Jonathan Theaters The animation in this video is very smooth and the editing is done well.

Athlete Swinging a Pick by @Ice Fox is the most hilarious thing ever, so I´ll go with this one.

Gotta support the Project Crafting Table bois so @Locker_74_Productions it is!!

"LEGO Minecraft: The End Battle" y'all!

Lego Mario by @Jonathan Theaters definitely!!


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