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I vote Lego Battle Royale by @ffingers!

My vote goes to Lego Batman Vs. Scarecrow (Brickfilm Day) @TheLegoDirector

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The votes are in; LEGO Tron by @the2awesomeguys has been voted the brickfilm of the week! Congratulations!

The next vote will be held this Friday, so stay tuned!

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Lego City Police School
Lego Police School Stop Motion by WayangLego Films

Two kinds of people
@Gwen Movies
A saloon. A wanted man. A bounty hunter. Blood.

Entry for VocalFlix (Brick à Brack)
@Bricktown Films
Become a Jury member to vote for me here: (This is made specifically for Brick à Brack's Contest) Today these four brick heads will be singing TERRIBLY at the park, but they try their best to sing in

Mr Minideliciouspant: The Beginning of the End
Two heroes who work as detective's are struggling to find any evidence of their "humans." They search for things that could show where there missing humans have gone, but before they set out, they get

I think my vote goes to "Mr. Minideliciouspant: The Beginning of The End by @minideliciouspant, but I really like "Two Kinds of People" by Gwen Movies too!

Hard choice...
I think I'm going with "Mr Minideliciouspant: The Beginning of the End", but they are all great...

I vote for Lego City Police School by @wayanglego

Thank you @Yummy-Burrito-Studios and @Yetgo! I am voting for Two Kinds of People by Gwen Movies!


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