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Man. This one's tough. Jack Stone: The Return had a great narrative and was a really unique film overall, but I think I'll have to give LEGO Samurai Duel 2 my vote because of how polished it is. Certainly not as experimental as other nominees, but the pacing was fantastic. Great job, FrozenLakeFilms!

Wow the competition was tough this week.

My vote goes to LEGO War: A New World

New week, new vote

Lego Battle Royale
Warning. This video is violent. The last man standing wins. This video was part of Brickfilm Day 2019. Below is a link to the Brickfilm Day 2019 playlist. Around 2400 photos were taken over the cours

LEGO Odd Bits: Volume 1
The "Odd Bits" series collects random LEGO stop motion sequences that were filmed without a larger story in mind. Here is the playlist for the entire Brickfilm Day 2019 For more videos, news and behi

A Happy Lego Valentine's Day - Love Story
@Bricktown Films
Happy Valentine's Day Brick Fans! I wish that your day is filled with Love, Joy, and Peace. This couple go on a valentine date alone with each other, until they find out there not alone...

Строим из Lego Duplo, Lego Duplo Peppa Pig Lego House Building Toys - Лего Дупло дом Свинки Пеппы
@Bricks Toys TV
Строим из Lego Duplo, Lego Duplo Peppa Pig Lego House Building Toys - Лего Дупло дом Свинки Пеппы 😊 Subscribe 😊 подпишись «Bricks Toys TV»: 🎬 Lego Duplo House, Lego Duplo Peppa Pig Lego House Buildin

Two programs duke it out. Made for Brickfilm Day 2019 - see the playlist here! - #BrickfilmDay2019 Other stuff: 2nd Channel - Gaming Channel - Ross' Website - Jacob's Website - Our Flickr - Our Fac

Adventures of Mr. Awesomepants: The first confrontation
Mr. Awesomepants and his team are called into duty and go up against the alien army! Be sure to stay for the post credits scene! 😉 #brickfilmday2019 Part of Brickfilm Day 2019 This video is *also* p

Lego Batman Vs. Scarecrow (Brickfilm Day)
RELEASED LAST NIGHT i know i'm 23 minutes late shut up Chester The News Guy - FrozenLakeFilms

Table Tennis Movie Lego
This is the BEST Table Tennis Brickfilm on Youtube! Like this video and subscribe for more! Thank you for watching!

Man's Best Friend | Brickfilm Day 2019
A high-school kid is at school when as usual, he gets bullied. Then he gets saved by a dog, and then runs away with the dog. Brickfilm Day Playlist: Instagram: minideliciouspant

LEGO Jack Stone: The Return
@Hudson Ludy
Jack Stone, a misfit in a society of LEGO people, is struggling with purpose. He was evicted from his home in LEGO City in 2003, and has lived in the jungle with Spider-Man every since. Will Jack rema

Agent 32 | Brickfilm Day 2019
It is a time of war. And after an extremely dangerous cannon is acquired by the enemy side, Agent 32 must infiltrate their base and retrieve it. But will he succeed? This video was made for Brickfilm

LEGO Be More Chill: Loser, Geek, Or Whatever
Jeremy Heere, a high schooler who has always been at the bottom of the social food chain, gets an offer to gain status and “be more chill” with the help of a supercomputer chip guiding his behavior in

Improbox #04 - Unikitty Castle room
This is the fourth episode of my series "Improbox", where I make a more or less improvised brickfilm out of only one Lego product. This Time Unikitty gets to present you her new influencer-Style roomt

The nun is back! Another house another victim to play with.

Valentine's Day The Perfect Gift
@Brick Broadcasting
Waking up realizing it's Valentine's Day,, and... you did not get her a gift (yet).... Ooooppssss.. On a quest for the perfect (last minute) gift.. Will he succeed? Proud to be part of Brickfilmday 20

Lego Star Wars Skits #1
@Cloudy VS
Hello everybody this is the first episode of my new series Lego Star Wars Skits. I hope that you enjoyed it!

Lego Samurai Duel 2 (Brickfilm Day 2019)
In the midst of a battle, two samurai warriors are thrust into a duel. #brickfilmday2019

Are we a Brickfilm? Brickfilmday2019
@Ice Fox
Two Lego Minifigures thinking about their existence... Thanks to the voice actors: Bricks and Pieces Animation Jonathan Theaters Additional TV clips by: LOTW Studios Brickfilmday Sonjira Made for #Bri

Lego War: A New World
A Lego brick film stop-motion I made. This time it's about a boy and a girl, struggling to survive the wreckage of a distant and yet harsh world. A new world. The fifth part of the Lego War series, w

Retrospective (Channel Trailer) - Brickfilm Day 2019
@Future Past Productions
This is my video for Brickfilm Day 2019! I would've preferred to have gotten an actual brickfilm done, but I've been tight on time, so I just edited all this together, with a few sneak peeks at LEGO C

YanLeJedi beat me to it

Personally, I loved LEGO Tron by @the2awesomeguys and I would love to see more!

Adventures of Mr. Awesomepants: The first confrontation by @AwesomepantsFilms

Lego Samurai Duel 2 by @Frozenlakefilms!

LEGO Tron for me

I vote for me of course! I vote for LEGO Odd Bits: Volume 1 by @Speakbroccoli


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